Welcome to Interakt’s Contact Management guide. It is also known as the All-Users Tab. The All-users tab is your very own smart contact book where you and your team can create, update and manage your contacts on Interakt.

You can either do a bulk upload of the contacts or you can add them individually. You can also get an overview of all your business contacts in one dashboard – right from their basic contact details like name, contact number, or email ID to tags and any other information that you choose to specify as a customer detail. Interakt’s contact management feature lets you easily apply filters in the All-Users dashboard and pull up user details based on specific criteria. You also have the option to export your entire contact list or a filtered set of contacts as a CSV file.

In this module, we will understand the process of uploading your existing customer contacts on WhatsApp using Interakt’s All Users Tab.

How To Upload Contacts To Interakt

contacts on Interakt1

• An important functionality of the All-Users tab is that you can update and manage your contacts here. You can either do a bulk upload of the contacts or you can add them individually.

contacts on Interakt2

• To add a contact individually, you need to click on ‘+ Create New Contact’. You will then get a pop-up as shown above where you need to enter your user’s details. You need to enter the user’s contact number and specify the country code as these are mandatory fields. If you have their email id then you can add that as well.

contacts on Interakt3

• If you want to do a bulk upload, you can either upload a CSV file or do it via APIs. To upload contacts in bulk via APIs, you can refer to Interakt Track APIs.

To upload a CSV file, you need to opt for ‘Bulk Upload’ from the drop down and you will then get the above pop-up asking you to upload your contact list.

contacts on Interakt4

• Once you’ve uploaded your contact list, you need to click on Map Attributes.

In your CSV file, you need to mention the country code and contact number of each user as these are mandatory fields. You can also add on any other custom user attributes that you want to record.

contacts on Interakt5

• You will then come to this screen where you need to map columns to each of the attributes in your contact list. Once you’re done, you can click on ‘Confirm’.

contacts on Interakt6

• Also, the Bulk Upload feature on Interakt lets you upload up to 500,000 contacts at a time. If any new user reaches out to you on your WhatsApp business number, that user’s contact details will get automatically recorded in this All-Users tab.

What are the advantages?

• Tracking, managing, and responding to customers becomes easier and faster with contact management.

• Sending timely & automated payments, orders & shipping notifications add value to end-customer experience.

• Instant responses to queries with rich-media files, quick replies & pre-approved WhatsApp templates simplifies the shopping journey for your customers.

Hope this article helped you understand how to get started with Interakt’s contact management solution, how to update/manage existing contacts using the All Users tab, and what benefits does Interakt’s platform solutions drive to your business growth.