Interakt has simplified the shopping experience for your customers with the launch of automated Out for Delivery Notifications: 

• Shopify Merchants can now send automated Out for Delivery Notifications from Interakt.

• We’ve built the integration between Shopify and Interakt and also pre-configured the entire flow for you. 

• You can activate this flow in 3 simple steps listed below

Follow the steps below to send automated Out for Delivery Notifications:

1. Create New Notification using the Out for Delivery Sample template

image4 6

Select “Order Out for Delivery” from the screen and click on Use Sample.

2. Verify Campaign Settings

Campaign settings are pre-configured for you. You can go through each of the steps shown below to verify the settings.

image1 6
image3 6
image2 6

3. Set Your Campaign Live

Click on Set Live to launch the campaign.

image7 6

Final Outcome

1. Once the campaign is Set Live with default settings pre-configured by us, the Out for Delivery status update will flow in from Shopify to Interakt and trigger a communication to your end customer. 

2. Following images display how it will appear in your Interakt Inbox as well as your Customer’s Whatsapp screen

a. Interakt Inbox View displays the Message as well as the Event details for Out for Delivery Event that Interakt received from Shopify

image6 6

b. Customer will see the message shown in the below screenshot with the Order ID and Tracking Link

image5 6