While you’re on your 14-day free trial of Interakt’s WhatsApp Business platform and waiting to get your Facebook Business Verification approved, gear up to start exploring the platform with limited messaging options on Interakt.

How does Interakt’s 14-day free trial work?

fb trial

On Interakt, we want you to get started right away and so we are giving you a 14-day trial period where you get to use the platform for FREE. In this period, you will get full access to all our top-notch features and you even get to explore the inbox with limited messaging options.

• Make the best use of Interakt’s free trial period to explore all the features that we have built to suit your growing business needs.

• Prior to getting verified, Facebook approves your number to be used for sending messages in a restricted manner.

• Meanwhile, we recommend businesses like yours to take this 14-day period to ensure that you have submitted the required details for Facebook Business Verification. The verification process usually takes between 3 business days to 4 weeks.

• You can unlock unlimited messaging as soon as your business gets verified on Facebook Business Manager.

Why are there restrictions on messaging during this period?

After you sign up and connect your WhatsApp business account and your WhatsApp business number with Interakt, Facebook allows you to use WhatsApp messaging in a restricted manner until you complete your business verification.

Facebook wants to allow businesses to use WhatsApp Business APIs to communicate with their customers by making sure they’re accepting authentic businesses to keep the WhatsApp community spam-free.

The verification process could take anywhere between 3 business days to 4 weeks. During this period Facebook approves your number to be used for sending messages in a restricted manner, so while you wait you can get started with limited messaging on Interakt.

Once you get your business verified on the Facebook Business Manager, your unlimited messaging access is activated automatically within Interakt.

What are the messaging restrictions during this period?

We’re listing below the messaging limitations during the 14-day trial period for businesses whose Facebook Verification is pending:

• Respond to unlimited user-initiated conversations (24-hour messaging windows)

• Send business-initiated conversations to 250 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period

• Register up to two (2) phone numbers.

How can you remove restrictions and unlock unlimited messaging?

To be able to make the best use of Interakt, get started with your Facebook Business Verification process right away. As soon as your business gets verified, the messaging restrictions will be lifted and you’ll be able to use Interakt with unlimited access.

However, please note that during the 14 days free trial, you can send a max of 1000 notifications via Onetime or Ongoing Campaigns. For this restriction to be lifted you need to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

You can start submitting the required details for Facebook verification here.

Once you have submitted all the required details, you will need to wait until your verification is approved, which usually takes anywhere between 3 business days to 4 weeks from Facebook’s end.

If you want to know more about the Facebook Business Verification process, please visit our detailed guide.