• To create a onetime campaign, go to the Notifications tab and click on “+ New Campaign” button.

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 Set an appropriate name for your campaign.

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 Choose onetime as the notification type

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•Next, you need to specify who should receive this campaign’s notifications:‍•To do this, click on ‘+ Add Filter’.‍•In the dropdown list, select a trait on basis of which your customer list should be filtered.

1) Say, you want to send this campaign to customers tagged as ‘new users

•To do this, you must have added the tag ‘new users’ for some customers of yours. Know more about WhatsApp tag cards.
•In the dropdown, select ‘Tags’.
•Doing so will open a list of 2 filters conditions – ‘is’ & ‘is not’
•Click on ‘is’ & select the particular tag i.e. ‘new users’ from the dropdown list.
•Then click on ‘Done’
•This will filter out all customers who are tagged as ‘new users

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2) Or, you might want to send this campaign to only those customers whose ‘Total Order Amount’ is greater than Rs.10,000.

•If you have added a trait named ‘Total Order Amount’ for your customers, you will see it appear in the dropdown list. (You can add traits either via CSV uploador via )

•Clicking on the trait will open up different filter conditions.

•Choose the ‘greater than’ condition and type 10000 in the box.

•Then click on ‘Done’.

•This will filter out all customers whose total order amount is > 10000.

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The next step is to create the message that you want to send. Since WhatsApp allows you to send only pre-approved    templates, here you have the option to pick from one of your previously approved templates.

Watch our video on WhatsApp Templates to know all about how you can create and send templates with interactive buttons to your users.


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Your template contains variables like {{1}} whose values will be different for every customer to whom you send this campaign.

• You may specify the value of the variables to be taken from a trait of your choice (like Name / Email id / Total Order  Amount etc).

• The Whatsapp notification to each customer would then have the trait value corresponding to him/her, in place of the variables.

• Trait values may be added for your customers via CSV upload / APIs.

• Instead of a trait, you may also choose ‘Use Fallback Value’. In that case, a constant fallback value specified by you will be sent to all customers.

•It is mandatory to enter a fallback value for the trait, which will be sent in case the trait value isn’t present for a particular customer.

•Fallback value should not contain any of the following:
Newline / Tab / More than 2 consecutive spaces

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You then need to schedule your campaign. You can choose to either send it out immediately or you can schedule it for a later date by using the custom date option.

You can pick your preferred date and time and schedule it. Interakt will then make sure the notifications are sent out at the time you have specified.


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You then move onto the last step where you can choose to set your campaign live immediately or save it as a draft and continue later. A new campaign could take upto 30-60 seconds to start but post that notifications would be sent out in one go.

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You can then go back to the dashboard to see the stats of your campaign. The status of your campaign will be Completed since this was a one-time campaign. If it was an ongoing campaign the status would be Live.

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This is how the notification appears to your user on their WhatsApp chat screen.

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How to duplicate an existing one-time campaign on Interakt?

You can duplicate/clone a one-time campaigns in just 1 click. If users are looking to edit an existing campaign, the effort gets reduced: they can simply Click on “Duplicate Campaign” clone it, then make the edits and set live a new campaign. Creating a duplicate one-time campaign similar to existing campaigns gets much simpler with Interakt.

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