Understanding WhatsApp Wallet Deduction Mechanism

To send out WhatsApp messages from TallyPrime, you will first need to set up your WhatsApp API number. Next, you need to reach out to your Tally partner to get your subscription activated. 

Upon activation of subscription, you will get some starting ‘wallet balance’ in your Interakt account. Typically, if you have purchased a 12 months subscription, you will get a wallet balance of Rs.600 (if you are paying in INR).

This wallet balance will get deducted for every conversation that you have with your customer via your WhatsApp API number. 

What are the different examples of conversations that you might have?

Conversations are 24-hour message threads between you and your customers.

1. Business Initiated Conversation: 

a. Suppose you send a WhatsApp message template from TallyPrime, to a contact who has not messaged you in the last 24 hours. This means that you have started a ‘business-initiated conversation’ with the contact. All subsequent messages exchanged with that contact in the next 24 hours will be part of the same conversation.

b. Suppose you send a WhatsApp message template to 50 contacts, by creating a one-time campaign on Interakt. Moreover, assume that, out of these 50 contacts, 1 contact had already messaged you in the last 24 hours, while the remaining 49 had not sent you any message in the last 24 hours. This means that you have started 49 ‘business-initiated conversations’ with those 49 contacts. 

Note: Business-initiated conversations can be of 3 types depending on the category of the message template, which was used to start off the conversation:

– Utility conversation: Started with a Utility category template. From TallyPrime, you can only send out documents using templates created under ‘Utility’ category.

– Marketing conversation: Started with a Marketing category template. Marketing category templates can only be sent out from Interakt Inbox or from Interakt one-time campaigns.

– Authentication: Started with an Authentication category template. Currently, authentication templates are not supported.

2. User-Initiated Conversation:

a. Suppose a contact (to whom you have not sent any message in the last 24 hours) sends you a message on WhatsApp, and after receiving that message, you send a reply. Once your contact receives the reply, a ‘user-initiated conversation’ is regarded to have started. 

Note: A user-initiated conversation is also known as a ‘Service’ conversation. 

What is the rate per conversation?

The rate for every conversation depends on which country the message is being sent to. For example, if you have started a Utility conversation with an Indian number, then the conversation will cost Re. 0.3082 (approximately 31 paise).

Conversation Type INR Rate per conversation, in Rupee (if conversation is with a contact, having an Indian number*) USD Rate per conversation, in dollars (if conversation is with a contact, having an Indian number*)
Utility Re.0.3082 ie approx 31 paise $ 0.0042
Marketing Re.0.7265 ie approx 73 paise $ 0.0099
Service Re.0.2906 ie approx 29 paise $ 0.0040
Authentication Not supported yet Not supported yet

*To understand the rate for conversations with numbers of other countries, check the detailed rate card here.

How to keep a track of how your WhatsApp wallet balance is getting deducted?

– Log in to your Interakt account from here.

– In the left navigation panel, click Wallet.

– You will see a page like below, which will display your current available wallet balance. 

image4 1
image2 1

– To get details of how your wallet balance has been deducted over the past few days, click ‘Track Expenses’. You will see the following page.

image3 1

– Here, you will find the statement of deductions over the past 7 days. You can select a different time-frame from the date filter on the top right.

– Every day, your wallet balance will be deducted on the basis of conversations you have had on that particular day. 

– The frequency of balance deductions are as follows:

1. For conversations initiated from TallyPrime, the wallet balance will be deducted at the end of the day, in one go.

2.For conversations initiated from the Interakt inbox (be it a user-initiated or business-initiated conversation), the wallet balance will be deducted at the end of the day, in one go. 

3.For conversations initiated via a single one-time campaign, some balance will get reduced (parked) immediately, after the campaign has been sent or scheduled. This ‘parked amount’ will be on the basis of the campaign’s cost estimate, calculated before the campaign is sent. At the end of the day, the ‘parked amount’ will be ‘unparked’, and the exact cost incurred for the campaign will then be deducted. 

– For example: in the above screenshot, it shows that, from 12 to 13th September, Rs1.53 was deducted for Utility conversations. If we divide Rs 1.53 by the rate of Utility conversations i.e. Rs 0.3082, it implies that 5 Utility Conversations happened from 12th to 13th September. 


– To get details of how many conversations you have had on particular days, you can click ‘View Insights’ on the left. On clicking the same, you will see the below page. Here, you will get a count of business-initiated and user-initiated conversations that you have had daily. 

1. In the below table, we see that 5 Business-Initiated Conversations happened on 12th September. These are the same 5 conversations for which the balance was deducted by Rs 1.53 (as explained in the previous point). 

image1 2