9 Steps To Follow For Facebook Business Verification

Facebook Business Verification 9 Easy Steps To Verify Your Facebook Business Account

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Integrating your business with WhatsApp Business API unlocks a dynamic communication channel with over 2 billion active users. The journey begins with verifying your company on Facebook Business Manager, ensuring a secure and trusted presence for your customers.

The successful completion of your Facebook Business verification marks the first step in your WhatsApp Business API journey. 

Need seamless FB verification? Dive into our step-by-step guide to unlock its full potential.

What is Facebook Business Verification?

Facebook Business Verification is the process of establishing trust and credibility within your audience. Verified businesses are more likely to be perceived as legitimate and professional through a verified Facebook business which can boost consumer confidence and lead to higher engagement.

Is Facebook Business Verification important?

Yes, if you have decided to integrate your business with WhatsApp Business API, you will be required to complete the Facebook Business verification.

How long does Facebook Business Verification take?

Within 5 business days for complete documents is what to be expected from Facebook. Additional document requests will be communicated within the existing support ticket, along with response deadlines.

List of documents required for Facebook Business Verification

For Indian Business to verify their Facebook Business account here’s a list of required documents

• Certificate of Incorporation (Ex: GST Certificate)

• Articles Incorporation

• Business Bank Account Statement

• Business Credit Reports

• Utility Bills

• Udyog Aadhaar (MSME)

• Business License

• PAN Card

• Shop Establishment Certificate

While specific document requirements for Facebook business verification may vary by country, Meta provides a comprehensive global list as a starting point:

Click here to access the official list of documents required for Facebook Business Verification: https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/help/159334372093366

Steps to Facebook Business Verification

Steps To Get Verified on Facebook Business Manager

1. Go to (https://business.facebook.com/) and sign in using your Facebook credentials. If you’ve already used Interakt to connect a phone number to your WhatsApp API account, you must have set up a Facebook Business account. You must select the same Business. 


2. Once you log in, you must click on Settings > More Business Settings.


3. Go to the Business Manager’s Security Center->Click Start verification. 

Note: You might be requested to enable Two Factor Authentication initially.


4. Click “Get Started” and select your country.


5. Fill out the Add business details screen.


Ensure the following:

– The information you give absolutely matches that of your legal business entity.

– The website you’ve provided here should load successfully.

– The website should be HTTPS-compliant.

– Your business legal name should be present in the footer of your website.


6. Confirm your company’s details. 

At this point, you will get a list of Organizations discovered by Meta with a name close to what you entered. If your business is on the list, pick it; otherwise, if no matching record is identified, you must upload supporting papers such as a business license, GST certificate, bank statement, MSME certificate, and so on to corroborate the information you entered. 

 If you have a document that includes your legal name, business address, and phone number, you can simply submit it.

If this information is contained in multiple papers, you must upload one to validate the legal name and another to verify the business address and phone number.


7. Choose a method for confirming your

On providing email, phone, or text message, you will receive a confirmation code on the same. We recommend email since it increases the likelihood of successful Facebook verification.


8. Once you’ve chosen your preferred method, enter the necessary information, such as your email address or phone number, to obtain the OTP.


9.Once you have verified the OTP, your request will be sent successfully, as indicated by the message below.

image1 1


4 Reasons your Facebook Business Verification is failing

To ensure smooth business verification on Facebook, please follow these guidelines:

1. Data Consistency on Documents: Check that the legal name and address on your submitted documents exactly match those registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Inconsistent information may result in verification rejection due to third-party database verification processes.

2. Document Presentation: Submit documents that are clear and scannable, with no handwritten annotations or modifications. Any sign of forgery will result in an automatic rejection.

3. Website Verification: If utilizing your website as address evidence, make sure the **business legal name** is prominently displayed in the footer. Omission may result in verification difficulties.

4. Document Efficiency: Two authentic papers are enough to verify. Submitting extra documents beyond those required can.


How many times can I apply for Facebook Business Verification?

3 times you can generally apply to Facebook with the necessary papers for verification. After the third attempt, Facebook may disable the ability to apply for verification again.



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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using Interakt?
As an official WhatsApp Business service provider, Interakt helps you grow your online sales and transform customer experience at scale. If you’re looking to boost your revenue by leveraging WhatsApp as a sales channel, you can start using Interakt anytime. We also offer a 14-day free trial program, you can start using Interakt within minutes of signing up with us. You can also reach out to our support team and we get things done for you at NO extra costs. Watch this video to learn how to get started with your 14-day free trial.
How does Interakt's 14-day free trial work?

In our 14-day free trial program, you get access to the entire stack of power-packed features on Interakt for FREE. You get to use all the top-notch features and even if your Facebook business verification is pending, you still get to explore your inbox features with limited messaging options.

Before you complete the Facebook business verification process, WhatsApp will approve your number to be used for sending messages in a restricted manner. Facebook permits businesses to get started right away with limited messaging options, so that businesses can explore how WhatsApp Business APIs can power-up communication and customer engagement. Facebook also uses this time to ensure that they’re accepting authentic businesses to keep the WhatsApp community spam-free.

Make the best use of Interakt’s free trial period to explore all the features that we’ve built for your business.

During your free trial period, we aid you with the process for business verification which usually takes between 3 business days to 4 weeks. Once you get verified, your unlimited messaging access is activated automatically on Interakt.

Watch this video to learn more.

What are the messaging restrictions during the 14-day free trial period?

During the 14-day free trial period, while you will have FREE access to all the amazing features on Interakt, there may be certain restrictions on messaging if your Facebook Business Verification is pending.

These restrictions can be-

– You can receive an unlimited number of messages from your users but you can only chat with 10 unique users per day during this period.

– You can send notifications to 2 unique users in a day. Notifications can be sent using WhatsApp templates that are pre-approved by Facebook.

Please note: You need to complete your Facebook business verification before your trial access expires in 14 days. Your trial access allows you to send messages to a limited set of phone numbers before your business is verified. Once your business verification is complete, you will have access to more functionality on your account.

How does your WhatsApp Business account work before your Facebook Business Page is verified?

When you create a WhatsApp business account, you’ll need to verify your Facebook business page. This may require documents such as a certificate of incorporation or a business license.

Before your business is verified, you can test out the messaging feature by sending free test messages to a limited range of numbers in a trial experience. Once you’ve uploaded official documents to verify your business, you’ll have access to an expanded trial experience with additional messaging options.

Test Message Types
When you send test messages in your unverified WhatsApp business account, you can send the following types of messages: ‍

Notifications: One way messages, such as an appointment reminder or a shipping confirmation. These messages will be limited to WhatsApp-defined templates, only during the unverified state to test the experience. Trial experience: 2 separate phone numbers, 10 messages per day Expanded trial experience: 2 separate phone numbers, 10 messages per day

‍Customer care: A two-way conversation between you and a customer, such as product questions.
Trial experience: 10 separate phone numbers, no daily message limit.
Expanded trial experience: 1500 conversations. A conversation is a 24-hour messaging window with a given phone number. ‍

Please note that this trial experience & expanded trial experience expires in 14 days. Please complete your business verification before your trial access expires in 14 days.

After your business is verified, you can send more messages.

Click here to learn More.

How can I unlock unlimited messaging on Interakt?

To be able to make the best use of Interakt, get started with your Facebook Business Verification process right away. As soon as your business gets verified, the messaging restrictions will be lifted and you’ll be able to use Interakt with unlimited access. The best part is that until you’re in the free trial, you don’t need to first pay us to start utilizing unlimited messaging.

You can start your verification process by submitting the required details for Facebook Verification.

Once you have submitted all the required details, you will need to wait until your verification is approved, which usually takes anywhere between 3 business days to 4 weeks from Facebook’s end.

Please note: You need to complete your Facebook business verification before your trial access expires in 14 days. Your trial access allows you to send messages to a limited set of phone numbers before your business is verified. Once your business verification is complete, you will have access to more functionality on your account.

If you want to know more about the Facebook Business Verification please visit our detailed guide.

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