In our bid to empower Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with cutting-edge technology and level the competitive landscape, we unveiled an All-new Interakt at the 9th edition of our flagship event, WhatsApp on Wheels.

Launched in 2020 by Jio Haptik, Interakt was built on the Official WhatsApp Business API and offers a full-stack Conversational CRM solution. It is designed to assist businesses in acquiring new customers, delivering personalized experiences, and providing support at scale on WhatsApp. Trusted by over 25,000 businesses, Interakt specializes in reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), improving Lifetime Value (LTV), and driving repeat purchases.

The All-new Interakt marks a significant upgrade, categorized into three segments: Market, Answer, and Sell. These new features, powered by AI, enable brands to scale their operations without the need for additional workforce.

Watch this video to learn more about Interakt 3.0!


Acquire new customers and re-engage existing ones with AI-powered CTWA ads and insightful WhatsApp campaigns:

1. Click to WhatsApp Ads Launcher: Effortlessly acquire customers with AI-generated CTWA ads within WhatsApp, tailored to your business and optimized for results, backed by advanced analytics for tracking ROAS.

2. Content Concierge: Allow our AI-powered Concierge to recommend the best campaigns and cohorts for maximum returns, with insights on click-through rates (CTR) to optimize your strategies.



Automate queries, improve response times, and enhance support on WhatsApp & Instagram:

1. Automated Support: Streamline customer support with Interakt’s AnswerBot, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks.

2. Unified Platform: Provide seamless support across WhatsApp and Instagram, catering to your customers’ preferred channels.



Showcase your catalog on WhatsApp and enable native payments to streamline the entire customer journey:

1. E-store Integration: Automatically sync your WhatsApp catalog with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Excel to boost conversions.

2. WhatsApp Payments: Accept payments securely through WhatsApp Pay, offering a native and convenient shopping experience.

3. Commerce Templates: Enhance the shopping experience by incorporating catalogs into templates, and seamlessly receive comprehensive order details via APIs.

Our latest release aligns with its mission to enable brands to harness the power of conversation commerce affordably. With more AI-powered features in the pipeline, we remain committed to revolutionizing SMBs’ operations.



If you’re a business owner seeking a full-stack platform to streamline your operations, Interakt is your ultimate solution. Take advantage of our 14-day trial to experience the power of this robust CRM tool firsthand.