While WhatsApp gives you a sureshot way to get your brand promotion messages noticed and read, being timely with them is important. This is where it becomes important to schedule WhatsApp messages for your business. 

In this blog, we are going to walk you through the different ways to schedule WhatsApp messages and the steps you need to follow. 


Different ways to schedule WhatsApp messages 

In the sections below, we will give you a step-by-step to schedule WhatsApp messages based on what you choose to use as a scheduler. 


How to schedule WhatsApp messages with the WhatsApp Business app? 

If you are using the WhatsApp Business app on Android or iPhone, you can schedule WhatsApp messages by following these steps: 

• Open the WhatsApp Business app 

• Go to ‘Settings’ 

• Select ‘Business tools’ 

• Select ‘Away Message’ and turn the toggle on 

• Create your message in the text field 

• Turn on the toggle for ‘Send Away Message on WhatsApp Business’ 

• Choose ‘Only Send to the Recipients’ 

• Tap on ‘Schedule’ 


How to schedule WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp web? 

WhatsApp has limited functionalities when you’re using it on the web. So to schedule WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp web, you will need to install a browser plugin like Blueticks. 

Once you add the plugin/ extension to your browser, you need to follow the steps below to schedule WhatsApp messages: 

• Open WhatsApp web on your browser 

• Select and open a chat/ contact/ group you want to schedule a message on 

• Click the icon next to the message box to open scheduler window 

• Write the WhatsApp message you want to schedule 

• Select a date and time for the message 

• Click on ‘schedule send’ 

While the extension does allow businesses to schedule messages on a desired day and time, or based on some subscriber actions, it is not as effective for fast-growing businesses. This is where using a WhatsApp Business API service provider like Interakt comes into play instead. 


Best ways to schedule WhatsApp messages:

How to schedule WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp Business API 

While the above ways to schedule WhatsApp messages can get the job done, they are not very suited for businesses that want to turn the messaging app into a channel that drives in more sales for them. 

This is because the above tactics to schedule WhatsApp messages lack personalization. But around 66% of consumers only engage with businesses that are able to personalize communication to suit their individual needs, interests and preferences. 

And that’s why the best way to schedule WhatsApp messages is to use the WhatsApp Business API. 

But to use it easily, you need to work with a WhatsApp Business API service provider that offers an easy-to-use interface to schedule WhatsApp messages or set up automated campaigns on the messaging platform. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to schedule WhatsApp messages using the WhatsApp Business API on Interakt: 


• Identify the trigger or event at which you want to send the WhatsApp message 

• Take note of additional features for who the scheduled WhatsApp message should be sent to 

• Sign up for a WhatsApp Business Service provider like Interakt that uses the official WhatsApp Business API 

• Go to the notifications tab and click on + New Campaign button 

• Set an appropriate name for your scheduled WhatsApp message campaign 

• Choose Ongoing as the message type 

• Specify the trigger you want the WhatsApp message to be sent at

• Define who you want to send the scheduled WhatsApp messages to 

• Specify what the scheduled WhatsApp message is 

• Set the campaign live 

Using platforms like Interakt is considered the best way to schedule WhatsApp messages owing to the ability to define when and whom to send those messages to – beyond the usual day and time scheduling that the other tactics offer. 


How to schedule WhatsApp messages from Google Sheets? 

If you’re saving customer data on orders, appointments, feedback and more in Google Sheets, and want to schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent to them, all you need to do is set up the integration on Interakt. 


With Interakt’s WhatsApp Business Google Sheets integration, you can: 

• Schedule WhatsApp messages to your contacts in the Google Sheets 

• Send WhatsApp broadcast messages to your contacts with additional personalization 


Learn how to automate WhatsApp messages for your WhatsApp Business App


What campaigns should you schedule WhatsApp messages for? 

While you can schedule WhatsApp messages for different purposes based on your business goals and objectives, here are some campaigns we recommend using the above tactic for: 

1. Abandoned cart reminders 

Abandoned cart notification

One of the very first things we recommend scheduling WhatsApp messages for is abandoned carts. If you send out an abandoned cart reminder too late, you risk losing the sale altogether. Using Interakt, you can schedule WhatsApp messages to send a simple reminder on the products left behind or the offers available on them. 

2. Order updates 

Order updates

Post-purchase anxiety is real and can often lead to increased WISMO messages being sent to the brand or even order cancellations. That’s why you should schedule WhatsApp messages for order updates – order payment, order confirmation, order shipping and so on. 

3. Newsletters 

Businesses usually use newsletters to summarize what’s new on their website, including crucial business updates to keep customers informed. Just like emails, WhatsApp newsletters are a great way to do so. You can schedule WhatsApp messages for newsletters to be sent out at a defined day and time of the month – with Interakt, you can even schedule WhatsApp message newsletters for different audience segments. 

4. Promotional broadcasts 

Promotional WhatsApp message using Interakt

If you have a new sale, product or service getting launched soon, schedule WhatsApp messages  for broadcasts to start the promotions in a timely manner. This will save you the last minute rush and also give you an opportunity to create a build up to the launch day gradually warming up your WhatsApp list. 


Should you schedule WhatsApp messages? 

If you ask us, scheduling WhatsApp messages is a must. 

With the competition for consumer attention increasing by the day, a scheduled WhatsApp message can help you stay on top of their minds. 

Even if you’re busy with running other promotions for your business, the scheduled WhatsApp message can keep your subscribers and customers engaged in a meaningful way. 

But to make scheduled WhatsApp messages work, it’s important to identify what for and when you are sending those messages. This is where the element of personalization becomes important. 

And that’s where Interakt comes in. 

Ready to schedule WhatsApp messages? Try our WhatApp Business API Demo of Interakt