As WhatsApp continues to evolve, so must our approach to engaging with audiences. Commencing May 23, 2024, WhatsApp will introduce new per-user marketing template message limits globally, aiming to enhance the quality of interactions on the platform. This guide is designed to assist marketers in understanding and adapting to these changes effectively, ensuring compliance while optimizing communication strategies for greater impact and user satisfaction.

Understanding the New Per-user WhatsApp Messaging Limit

WhatsApp’s rollout of per-user WhatsApp Business messaging limits, initially piloted in India, is a significant development. TheseWhatsApp API messaging limits, applicable to the total number of marketing messages a user receives from all businesses, signify a shift toward prioritizing customer sentiments and value in communication.

Impact Analysis

During the pilot phase in India, data suggests a varied impact on businesses, with some experiencing a decrease in message delivery rates by 30–50%. However, the extent of the impact depends on factors such as industry, audience quality, and message relevance.

Rationale Behind the Changes

WhatsApp’s decision to implement these WhatsApp Business message limits is rooted in the goal of enhancing user experiences. By curbing message overload and promoting meaningful interactions, the platform aims to reduce user fatigue and improve the quality of customer engagement.

Adapting Marketing Strategies

With the introduction of per-user message limits on WhatsApp, marketers are urged to focus on quality over quantity. Exploring alternative channels like Meta advertising and leveraging features such as Click to WhatsApp (CTWA) can help broaden reach while ensuring compliance.

Continuity of Conversations

This new WhatsApp messaging limit won’t impact your existing conversations with users, these will only limit your new conversations. The ongoing conversations will remain unaffected by these limits, ensuring seamless communication continuity.

Preparing for the Changes

WhatsApp message sending marketing messages on WhatsApp beyond the prescribed limit on WhatsApp Business App will result in non-delivery and will return error code 131026.  Instead of immediately resending, it’s advisable to adjust messaging strategies by refining scheduling and targeting approaches

WhatsApp’s new per-user messaging limits represent both challenges and opportunities for marketers. By prioritizing quality, relevance, and compliance, businesses can navigate these changes successfully, ensuring effective communication and sustained audience engagement on the platform.