One of the best things about using WhatsApp Business API is the ability for companies to automate their customer communications by using pre-approved Notification Templates.

For businesses just starting to set up Notification Templates on WhatsApp, it’s important to understand exactly what types of messages these can be used for, how to structure them and get them approved according to WhatsApp policies.‍

If you’re just getting started, here’s an overview of the WhatsApp Message Template and its best practices to help you.

‍What are WhatsApp Notification Templates?

WhatsApp Notification Templates are used by businesses to send standardized messages to customers in the form of appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolutions, back-in-stock alerts, product launch updates, cart abandonment reminders, and more. They can only be sent to customers who have opted-in for receiving such notifications. These are preset and pre-approved by WhatsApp, which a business can use to initiate a conversation with a customer.

As a WhatsApp Business user, you must’ve noticed that you cannot initiate conversations with customers on the platform. This is the case because it was created for support agents to offer customer service. Therefore, businesses can answer customers’ questions, but can’t reach out to them first. However, templates can take care of that little issue, you can initiate conversations with customers by sending these predefined messages.

WhatsApp Template Best Practices

1. Grammar 

Templates should not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes. One best practice is to proofread the content for spelling and grammar before submitting it for review to WhatsApp.

2. Localization Parameter 

Make sure the formatting of the message is correct. For example, when using variable parameters such as {{1}}, {{2}} etc., make sure you put in the correct number of curly brackets. There should be two curly brackets on the left side of the variable and two brackets on the right side. Any incorrect number of brackets will lead to the rejection of the template.

3. Links

If you are using any links in your WhatsApp template, make sure you include the full URL. Do not use short links (i.e.) links generated using a URL shortener like, TinyURL, etc. These links are known to obscure the link destination. Additionally, the domain in the URL should belong to your business only.

4. Template Name

When entering a name for the message template, make sure you only use lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores. Whitespaces and no other characters are allowed. For example, a valid template name can be ‘payment_update_details’ instead of ‘pymt_updt_01’.

5. Language

Messages should be written in the same language as the template language. For instance, if you choose ‘English’ as the template language and send the message in the Spanish language, the template will be rejected. Also, make sure that the chosen language is supported by WhatsApp.

6. WhatsApp Guidelines

Build simple and concise message templates that will convey the information clearly to the users. Message templates must be tagged with the correct ‘Category’ and ‘Language’. They should not contain any content that violates the WhatsApp Commerce Policy, like any abusive or threatening content.

Learn more about the WhatsApp Template Best Practices

‍Types of WhatsApp Templates with Examples

We’ve added some ready-to-use templates of WhatsApp Notifications below. Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list but one that will help you get started with your WhatsApp notification campaign.

Don’t forget to customize and personalize these templates before sending them out to your customers, so that your brand’s unique personality is conveyed!

Account updates

Suppose the customer has an account to log in to your e-store, but an adjustment has been made, or a new account has been created. Thanks to the Account Update template, you can easily inform customers about changes made in their account settings or ask them to verify their email/account.


Hi {Name},

You recently registered with us as a customer, which is great! However, you need to verify your email address. We have shared the OTP with you over your registered email address, please verify. Thanks in advance!

‍Alert updates

‘Alerts update’ is a general category and can include notifications like – order placed, product back-in-stock, and more.

Example – ‍

– Back-in-stock alert

Hi {Name},

Our best-seller White Scarf that you wanted, is back in stock.

Grab it before it runs out of stock again!‍

– Order Received

Hi {Name},

We have received your order amount – INR {Amount}

Thank you for shopping with us!

– Shipping Update

Hi {Name},

Your order has been shipped and is currently on its way to you.

{{Delivery agent’s name}} will deliver your package to your address on {{Date}}. Track your order with this shipment code. We hope you love your new {product name}!‍

– Order Delivered

Hi {Name},

We have successfully delivered your package. We hope you enjoy using your new{product name}.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Upsell Notifications

Suppose your customer ordered green tea from your e-store, now this is the perfect opportunity to sell him a tea infuser or electric kettle. Use the following template to entice your customer and boost sales.


Hi {Name},

We have packed your order – {Product name}

We also have {Products related to purchased items}, would you be interested in checking them out?‍

Appointment updates

Has the customer made an appointment for a health checkup, a haircut, or Yoga? With an Appointment Update, you can send them a confirmation of the appointment. You can also send out handy reminders.



{{Name}}, On {{date}} at {{time}} you have an appointment scheduled with us for your {{person/animal}}. We look forward to seeing you fifteen minutes in advance at our clinic. See you then!‍

Away Notification ( OOO, Delayed, Welcome)

With this template, you can engage customers even when you’re unavailable, for instance during holidays or non-working hours. We’ve created a few templates to help start your chat automation journey.


– Delayed Response

Hi {Name}

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We are currently experiencing higher traffic than usual. As a result, our response time is delayed more than normal.

Your message is important to us and an agent will be assigned to you shortly.


Hi {Name}

Uh-Oh! We were unable to answer your question in time. If you still want to talk to us, please respond with a thumbs-up (?) to this message! our agent will respond to you soon!

– Welcome Message

Hi {Name}

Thanks for getting in touch!

We are glad to have you with us and are committed to delivering a superior customer experience.


Hi {Name},

Thank you for your message! On working days we often respond to the message within 24 hours. If you have any other questions or additional information that can help the agent figure out a solution for you, feel free to share it!

– OOO Notification 

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are currently unavailable, our office timings are:

Mon – Fri: 10 AM to 7 PM

We will reach out to you as soon as we’re back online.

Rest assured, we’ve received your query and will address it as soon as we’re back online.


Hi {Name},

Thank you for your message! It looks like you have approached us outside of our office hours. Therefore, we cannot respond in a timely fashion. Please respond to this message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Issue resolution

Is there a problem with your service or do customers experience other problems? By using the Issue Resolution WhatsApp templates, you simply give the customer a status message about their problem.


– Notify the malfunction 

Hi {Name},

We are currently experiencing a malfunction concerning {{product name}}. We are doing our best to resolve this situation as quickly as possible and will keep you informed of the status here.‍

– The issue has been resolved

Hi {Name},

The {{what was the issue}} issue has been resolved and everyone can be reached again. Feel free to reach out to us if you still experience problems.

Payment update

Send Payment Update notifications to give the customer an update when the payment has been received. You can also use it to notify customers about reimbursements for returned products.


Hi {Name},

We have received your payment for order no. {{Order no}}. We will do everything to deliver your new {{product name}} as quickly and safely as possible!‍

Personal finance update

As a bank or any other financial institution, you can use this WhatsApp message templates for bank to inform the customer of their financial situation.


– Request Received 

Hi {Name},

We received your balance request. Your balance on account {{a/c name}} is currently INR {amount}. ‍

– Re-payment Successful

Hi {Name},

We have received your re-payment of {XXXX}, Your dues for the month of {XYZ} are clear.

Looking forward to doing more business with you!

– Loan Approved

Hi {Name},

Congratulations Your loan for {XXX} has been approved. Keep your original address proof and PAN card ready for completing the next steps of the process. 

Reservation update

The best template for the hospitality and leisure businesses: Reservation Updates. You can use them to keep customers up to date about their reservations.

You can send their table confirmation via WhatsApp, or tell them that their room is ready.


Hi {Name},

Thank you for your reservation at {{restaurant/cafe name}}!

We look forward to seeing you on {{date}}. You can check-in between {To} and {From}. If you happen to come in outside of these hours, you can reach the reception by telephone at {{contact number}}. See you soon!‍

Ticket updates

Has a customer raised a complaint? With ticket updates, you can keep them informed on the status of their complaint.


Hi {Name},

We have received your complaint no. {Number} and forwarded it to our supplier. If we have an update from them, we will keep you informed!‍

Transportation update

If you are in the transport business, you can use Transportation Updates for sharing updates. You can also share information about a delayed flight or where the customer can find their luggage.


Hi {Name},

Your trip to {{name of Destination}} is planned with us. For now, it looks like the train {{Name of the train}} will depart from platform {{Platform no}}. We wish you a pleasant journey!‍

Order Confirmation Notification

Double-check on the authenticity of your COD orders by sending an automated notification for confirmation on WhatsApp.

Including a COD option increases sales, but can also make you vulnerable to pranks like – fake orders. It’s best to re-confirm these orders by pinging the customer on WhatsApp!


Hi {Name},

Thank you for shopping with us!

Since you’ve requested a cash-on-delivery payment method, we kindly require you to confirm your order.

Please reply ‘YES’ to confirm your order.‍

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Send timely nudges, in the form of automated notifications, to customers and encourage them to checkout. It can work wonders to bring back customers to your store. These small but important measures will ensure WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery.


Hi {Name},

Remember that brown leather handbag you loved on our website today? It’s still in your cart.

Our stylist believes it’ll look much better on your arms!

Your favorite handbag is just a click away.‍

Discount/Offer Update

Share personalized and timely automated notifications on WhatsApp to inform customers about new offers & Discounts.


Hi {Name},

Do you want to stay cozy and look stylish this winter?

Get a 50% discount on our statement hoodies only for the next 24 hours.

Your new hoodie is right at your fingertips!‍

Reconnect with a Lead

As mentioned earlier, outside of the 24-hour mark, businesses can only interact with customers in form of a template message. Suppose, you received a query regarding one of your products and the customer seemed genuinely interested in the item but stopped responding after a while. Maybe he got busy with some work and forgot about the conversation or maybe he felt that it is not the right time. There could be a million reasons but your main problem right now is – how do I reach him? Fret not! We’ve just the thing for you –

Hi {Name},

We were unable to complete our conversation yesterday. Are you still interested in buying {product Name}? Please respond with a thumbs-up (?) to this message!‍

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