Owing to how extensive the user base of WhatsApp is and how effective of a channel it is, It has become a stable platform for all sorts of business needs. 

WhatsApp today is undoubtedly a must-have tool across industries and the same holds true for banks as well.

Having some well-tailored WhatsApp message templates for banks ready at hand, can help you keep your customers and prospects engaged. So here is a list of some of the top WhatsApp templates for banks.

WhatsApp Message Template for Banks

Banks play a critical role in today’s world and as financial institutions, they have to deliver the finest communication to relieve customer anxiety. But one would think what areas can be enhanced by WhatsApp message templates for banks?  

Answering that, here we have made a list of case situations and an appropriate WhatsApp message template for each of the cases. Let’s dive in!

1. Account Opening and Onboarding

A WhatsApp message template for bank account activation alerts is a great way to engage the customer from the outset. Besides, WhatsApp’s conversational nature makes it an ideal platform for welcoming the customer and taking a step forward in building trust. Additionally, WhatsApp allows for additional personalization making it well suited for high-engagement purposes.

Hello {NAME}!

Thank you for choosing {BANK NAME}. Your bank account activation is successful. We welcome you to our premium banking services!


2. Transaction Notification

WhatsApp notification templates are a great way to update users about the latest transactions made in the account. Also, make sure to update the customer on the account balance as well.

“Dear Customer.

{AMOUNT} has been debited from your account ending with {XXXX}. If this transaction was not done by you, contact us immediately at this number.”


3. Loan Approval

If a customer has applied for a loan, upon verification of documents and the approval of the loan, they are to be updated on this. 

As WhatsApp is a widely used platform, it is an ideal means of alerting customers about important notifications like loan approvals.

Hello {NAME}.

Your loan application from {BANK NAME} has been approved! We have attached the loan documentation below. For more information feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for banking with us


4. Payment Reminder

Payment reminders like credit card dues should be provided to customers so that they may not miss due dates and end up making huge payments as penalties.

“Hey {NAME}.

Your credit card payment of {AMOUNT} is due date is {DATE}. Ensure you make the payment before the deadline to avoid penalties.”

5. Low-Balance Alerts

Low-balance alerts are alerts that inform customers when their account balance is low or is approaching the threshold of minimum balance. In these scenarios, you can use a WhatsApp template to prompt the customer to add funds to their accounts and keep the balance above the minimum threshold. 

You can provide the amount at which the balance stands and provide a warning if there will be a deduction from the account.

“Dear Customer.

Your account balance has reached below the minimum required balance. Add more funds to avoid deduction from your account. Your current balance is {AMOUNT}.”

6. Month-end Bank Statements

At the end of each month, banks usually send month-end bank statements to the users where information related to the account balance, transactions and other details are listed. 

WhatsApp is a secure platform with end-to-end encryption so having a WhatsApp message template for bank statements is a secure way to provide transparent information to customers about their bank accounts.

“Hello {NAME}.

Your monthly statement is here. Take a look at the attached PDF containing a detailed breakdown from the month of {MONTH NAME}.”

7. OTP Notifications

OTPs are sent to customers in many instances when it comes to banking. This can be when changing an ATM PIN when activating online payments or conducting other forms of online banking. 

Instead of sending these OTPs via SMS or email, you can send them via WhatsApp, which is a more secure platform. These are as fast and effective as SMS texts, with the only drawback being that the receiver should have an active internet connection.

“Hello {NAME}.

{OTP} is the one-time password for the transaction from your debit card {XXXX} for the amount of {AMOUNT}. This OTP is valid for 6 minutes. For security, practice discretion and do not share your OTP with anyone.”


8. Bank Server Maintenance Notifications

When the bank server is down or expected to go down for maintenance, banks will have to let their customers know in advance, as this can otherwise cause inconveniences. This can be simply done with a WhatsApp message that updates the customer about the same to alleviate customer frustration.

“Dear customer.

We are working on improving our Mobile Banking application. It will be down for maintenance for the next 24 hours. For further queries feel free to reach out to us.”

9. Documents Upload

When a customer has opened a new bank account or wants to apply for a loan, they need to submit their documents for verification. Traditionally this has been carried out offline or with other platforms like email. 

Now banks can simply set up an automated WhatsApp workflow to collect the documents and upload them securely. With a WhatsApp notification template to take care of requesting documents for verification, banks can also handle multiple applications at the same without it being a hassle.

“Hi {NAME}.

Thank you for choosing {BANK NAME}. We request you to upload the documents that are mentioned in the link below. Your account initiation will shortly begin after you have successfully uploaded your documents for verification.”


10. Promotional Messages and Offers

Banks occasionally send promotional content and offers to attract more prospects. This can be about special offers on loans, for promoting a credit card to sign up for, or about new financial products, services or apps being launched. 

In all these scenarios having a tailored WhatsApp broadcast template can be a great help by letting you easily reach the customer with engaging texts that have a higher chance of being responded to and elicit action.

“Hello {NAME}!

Looking for student loans? We have an array of low-interest student loan plans, made with the aim of helping accessible higher education. For more details click on the link below. Thank you for banking with us.”

11. Security Reminders and Fraud Prevention Tips

Customers have the right to secure WhatsApp banking services and banks have the responsibility to alert and educate their customers about scammers and frauds. This is why banks need to convey security reminders, fraud prevention tips and other security-related messages through an accessible and effective medium like WhatsApp.

“{BANK NAME} will never ask you for your personal information or financial information like PIN codes on WhatsApp or email. Keep your account details and passwords confidential and beware of fraudsters. If you suspect any scam, immediately report to us through this number- {PHONE NUMBER}”


12. Customer Support and Feedback Collection

A bank as a financial institution needs to maintain trust and offer security to its customers. This is the reason why in the banking sector, customer support is especially of great importance. Customers will often reach out with queries or issues, and you can respond to them with a ready-to-use WhatsApp message template to initiate support conversations.

You can also use WhatsApp broadcast templates to request feedback or run surveys to assess customer satisfaction. Besides support resolution, banks can also acknowledge the support request with a separate WhatsApp template before getting into the resolving part.

“Hey {NAME}!

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry that you are facing this issue. Our Support agent will contact you shortly to address the issue.”


A perfectly executed WhatsApp business template can help banks keep customers perfectly engaged and satisfied, improve conversion rates, build overall credibility and bolster loyalty. Banking is an industry where effective communication and engagement are of utmost importance and good WhatsApp message templates can make a lot of difference.

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