Leverage Interakt-Zoho Bigin CRM integration to automate your customer support on WhatsApp

Seamlessly synchronize customer data, contacts, and communication records between Zoho Bigin CRM and Interakt, while automating customer interactions on WhatsApp!

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With Interakt - ZOHO Bigin CRM Integration, Merchants can:

Track & Analyze Customer Behavior

Track & analyze data from both platforms to study customer behavior and tailor personalized offerings

Synchronize data across platforms

Automatically sync customer information between Zoho Bigin and Interakt, maintaining data consistency and providing easy access to comprehensive customer profiles.

Automate Manual Tasks

Automate follow-up activities like updating deal stages, reducing manual effort, and improving efficiency.

Ready to use Interakt X ZOHO Bigin CRM Integration Workflows

When a Contact/Company is Created/Updated on Zoho Bigin CRM, Send a WhatsApp Notification via Interakt

When a Contact is Created/Updated on Zoho Bigin CRM, Create/Update the User on Interakt

When a New User is Created on Interakt, Create a Contact on Zoho Bigin CRM

Intergrates easily with any platform

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