User spam feature allows an Interakt agent to mark a user as Spam if the conversations/chats with that user do not confine to the business norms. This ensures that agents can focus on the chats that are important and improve their productivity. Please note that marking a chat as spam doesn’t stop the incoming messages being sent from the spam user but it sends all the new and old chats to a separate list within the inbox among other changes.

How can users be marked as Spam?

To mark a user as Spam, agents can click on “Mark user as Spam” under the User Card section. This is available for both Web and Mobile users. Once a user chat is marked as spam, Interakt agents can “un-mark” the chats as spam as well. Post which all changes applied will be reverted.


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Mark as Spam (Inbox Web)

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Mark user chat as Spam, confirmation popup (Inbox Web)

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What happens after a user is marked as Spam? What all changes can Interakt agents expect?

Below are some changes that go into effect both on the Mobile App as well as the web version of the product once a user chat is marked as Spam.

Spam List:

A separate list will now be visible in the Inbox. This “Spam” list will contain all the chats that have been marked as spam in the org. In case an Interakt agent doesn’t have access to “All” chats then their Spam list will only contain user chats that are either assigned to them or marked as “Spam” by them. Spam chats will not be found in the “All”, “You” and Un-assigned section of Inbox.

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Spam List (Inbox Web)

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Chat marked as Spam: Spam List, Flag icon update, Chat event recorded, Composer area blocked and the option to Un-mark as Spam (Inbox web)

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 Labels, Assigning, and Chat Composer area: Once a user chat is marked as spam. Interakt agent will not be able to Assign / Re-assign label, Assign / Re-assign the chat, and send a message to the user marked as spam.

 One-time and Ongoing campaigns: A chat marked as spam will have its trait, Marked as Spam updated to “Yes” automatically. This means that the chat will be excluded from all the Ongoing and One-time campaigns set in the organization.

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User Trait updated as “Yes” automatically when marked as Spam (Inbox web)

 Push Notifications: Once a chat is marked as spam, any further chats sent by the user will not be shown in the desktop notifications in the case of web and push notifications on Mobile App.

 Updated icon: A chat marked as spam is distinguished from all the other chats, as it has a “red flag” icon next to it. This makes the spam chats easily distinguishable as shown in the screenshot above.