In this article, we’ll help you understand the process of opening/closing customer chats on WhatsApp using Interakt’s WhatsApp CRM i.e. Shared Team Inbox.

With Interakt you can easily mark your inactive conversations as Closed and keep only the active ones in your Open section. This will help you & your team streamline daily customer conversation without getting overwhelmed with all the chats.


Steps to close inactive chats – 

1. To mark a conversation as ‘Closed’ you can click on the Close Chat button on the chat screen. A ‘Closed’ chat is automatically made open if a user replies back or if you choose to message the user. This way, you can transform your customer support mechanism by opening/closing customer chats on time and having transparency across your team to deliver high-quality customer experience on WhatsApp.

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Hope this article helped you understand how to close & open chats on Interakt’s WhatsApp CRM.