You can now easily integrate your Facebook Lead Forms with Interakt’s WhatsApp Business platform in a few simple steps. As soon as a customer fills your FB Leads Form, the customer will be added to your Interakt database and you would be able to send automatic WhatsApp notifications to the customer.

How does Facebook Leads Form integration work?

This is the Facebook Leads form which opens whenever your customer clicks on the Facebook ad that you have put up on social media.


Here, the customer fills in the required details like, email ID, Full Name, Phone number and clicks on Submit. Once submitted, the lead will be added as a user in your Interakt account, with the above details (like email id, full name) added as ‘user traits’.

If you have created an Ongoing Campaign and mapped the ‘Lead Added’ event in the campaign, then, a message will automatically be sent to the customer as soon as he fills the form.

To cross-check:

Go to All-Users Tab and simply search by customer’s phone number. You will find that the contact is now listed with the same email address and name.

You will also notice that in the “Events” tab, a new event “Lead Added” is now updated.

How to send an Automatic WhatsApp Notification when the lead fills the Facebook Lead Form?

Click on the “Notifications” tab and then Click on “ New Campaign”


Select “Ongoing” as the notification type and click on the dropdown to select the event and add it as a trigger.


The event that you need to choose is “Lead Added”.


Once the event is selected from the dropdown, Click on “Create Your Message” and choose the template for your ongoing campaign.


After selecting the template you can map the details (that were added from the Leads Form like Email, Full name etc.) to the variables (i.e. placeholders) in the template.


After this, it is optional to configure flows for customer replies to the campaign. You can configure a product discovery flow such that your products will automatically be sent to the customer if he clicks on a button in the message template. Moreover, you can even send him an Interaktive List Message (upon a button click), which, in turn, contains a list of FAQs about your business. As soon as the customer clicks on a FAQ, the answer would go to him as an auto reply!

Moreover you can change the scheduling for the campaign.

Finally set the campaign live!

How to enable Facebook Lead Forms Integration for your Interakt account?

 Make sure you have created a Facebook Leads Form in your Facebook Page.

 If you have customized your leads access permissions in Facebook, please restore the same to default permissions:

 Add [email protected] to your Facebook Business Manager from

 Give employee access

 Select the page on which the FB Leads Form is hosted & provide ‘Manage Page’ access to [email protected] for that page

 Click on Invite

 Then fill this form

 We will take 2-3 working days to set this up for you.

Once the integration is live, you can check your User List in Interakt ( to see if the leads are coming in. Moreover, you can follow the instructions given earlier in the article to set up welcome WhatsApp notifications for the lead.

What are the benefits of Facebook Leads integration with Interakt?

In today’s digital age, all businesses are trying to acquire new customers via digital marketing on Facebook / Instagram. However simply getting customers to click on the ads and collecting their information is not enough to acquire the lead. It is important to curate a smooth and delightful onboarding experience for the lead to increase chances of converting the lead. This is where a personalized outreach on WhatsApp could work wonders. Reaching out on WhatsApp nearly guarantees that >90% of leads will read your message and a significant proportion would reply as well. By configuring automatic product discovery flows / FAQ flows after the customer’s reply, you could further increase the possibility of the customer wanting to buy your products / services. Hence, this integration could potentially help you multiply the ROI of your Facebook & Instagram ads.