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A guide to WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples: WhatsApp Promotional Messages

A guide to WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples: WhatsApp Promotional Messages


Synthia Susan Thomas

June 7, 2022

Can you send marketing messages on WhatsApp? This is a question that many ask before choosing the platform to market their products or services. WhatsApp has always worked to meet the expectations of its users. Since the launch of the business version of the app in 2018, businesses were only allowed to send pre-approved template messages that were transactional in nature to customers who have opted in to receive such messages. This was put in place to make sure businesses don’t spam customers with irrelevant content.

However, in September 2021, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allowed businesses to send marketing messages that are promotional to customers who give their consent to receive these updates. This simply means that with access to WhatsApp Business API you can send messages that contain promotional offers, discounts, reminders for abandoned cart recovery, product launch announcements and more.

WhatsApp marketing messages are a great way to win new customers, showcase your products to customers, take your customer engagement levels to newer heights and offer support.

WhatsApp messages are known to have extremely high open rates of 98% as compared to email with an open rate of 20-30 %. So, if you have only been relying on email and SMS marketing till now, it's time to explore the power of WhatsApp as a channel for marketing.

How do I promote on WhatsApp?

Despite being one of the most popular instant messaging platforms of our times, many businesses are yet to use the channel to promote their businesses. Studies indicate that only 7 % of business professionals are using WhatsApp as a tool to market their businesses.

Here are 3 ways you can leverage WhatsApp for your business:

1. Adequate target audience research

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users, there are high chances that your target audience are users of the app. If you want your marketing campaigns or messages to convince buyers, it's important to invest in target audience research.

This covers everything from knowing how and when customers use the app to getting a sneak peek into their buying habits. With this knowledge backing you, you can tailor WhatsApp promotional messages and campaigns that appeal to them.

2. Unconventional thinking

No doubt, there is tough competition on WhatsApp with so many brands vying for customer attention. Therefore, you need to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas that set you apart from the rest. Take a look at what your competitors have done to promote their products, this will give you a fair idea of what worked and what didn’t.

3. Sign up for WhatsApp Business API

The best way to promote your business on WhatsApp is to get access to WhatsApp Business API. Not only is it a brilliant tool for communication but it comes packed with features that are essential for your marketing efforts to succeed. These features include WhatsApp  template messages, bulk automated campaigns, third party integrations, Quick replies, WhatsApp catalogs and more. With access to WhatsApp Business API, you can use these powerful features to reach out to 1000s of opted-in customers effortlessly, resolve customer queries instantly and offer delightful customer services. 

Examples of WhatsApp marketing notifications

Since people are most active on WhatsApp, they would rather receive promotional messages on WhatsApp than on any other channel. WhatsApp marketing messages are a great way to send promotional offers that encourage shoppers to purchase from your e-store. 

With WhatsApp conversational commerce on API led platforms like Interakt, you can send discount coupons and offers on products in their shopping cart or newly launched products.  WhatsApp promotional messages can reach large audiences with the least amount of investment. So here is a glance at a few examples of marketing notifications that you can send out to generate leads and drive sales. 

1.      Festive offers     

Use WhatsApp promotional messages to notify customers of the festive season offers they can enjoy. These messages are quite effective when customers have been looking for coupons to redeem on your website. Here is an example of a WhatsApp promotional message containing a festive offer.

Festive offer!

Hey {customer name},

The biggest Online sale is here. This Diwali, get up to 60% OFF on Home and Kitchen Products.

Get the brands you love, at never–before–seen prices.

Shop Now!

 2. Loyalty programs

Loyal customers are extremely valuable to a business. You can provide them with interesting offers and rewards to encourage them to continue their association with your brand. Here is an example of a WhatsApp template message that you can send.

Hey [customer name]

We are so glad that you chose to stick with us for over [ 5 years]. As a token of our gratitude, get 40% off on your next purchase with us. 


3. Abandoned cart recovery

Cart abandonment continues to be one of the major issues affecting e-commerce businesses. This takes place when a customer adds items into a shopping cart, but drops off the cart halfway through the checkout process. To combat this, you can send out WhatsApp marketing messages containing details of the order with a CTA to urge them to complete the purchase. Here is a sample template that you can use to recover abandoned carts and boost sales.

Hi {customer name},

We notice that you have added items to your cart but have not completed the purchase. Shop Now to get your products! CTA- Complete order.

4. Events

Do you have an event coming up? Send an invite to your customers using WhatsApp promotional messages. Here is a template you can use to notify customers of upcoming events-

Hi {customer name},

Hope to see you at the opening of our brand-new store at {location}, on {date & time}. Click on Y to RSVP or STOP to not receive updates from us.


5. New product or service Announcement

If you have recently introduced a new product or service, send out promotional messages to all your customers informing them about this exciting news. Here is a template message that you can use for new product announcements.

Hey {customer name}

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! Introducing our new range of { product name}. It's live on our website. Limited in number, get yours today before they are gone!

6. End of season sale

Planning an end of the season or a clearance sale? Send out a promotional alert letting your customers know what to expect in terms of the products that are discounted, for how long, and at what prices. If it is a mega sale event, prime your customers with messages leading up to the event. Here is the template that you can use for the end of season sale.

Hey there!

The end of season sale is only 2 days away!

Sale up to 60% OFF on all categories.

Starting from 1st Sept-30th Sept 2022

7. Flash Sale

A flash sale is a kind of promotion that is run for a short period usually featuring a specific product or service. Flash sales are a great way to get old products that are out of season off the shelves. Here is the sample message that you can use for Flash Sale.



(On limited products only)

30 Minutes| 30% OFF| 30 Brands

8. A secondary reminder for a sale

Before a mega sale event is about to unfold, send out timely reminders urging customers to head to the sale. Here is a template message that you can send out as a reminder for an upcoming sale.

Hey {customer name}

Our Christmas sale starts in 10 hours!

Are you ready for it? If you are among the first 10 shoppers tonight, you stand a chance to win exciting prizes! Take a look at our gift guide to see what’s in store for you.

9. Free Delivery

Who doesn’t like free delivery? Throw in a free delivery offer in your next WhatsApp promotional message and see the impact it creates! Here is a template message that you can use for Free Delivery.

Hey {customer name}

Get free delivery when you shop for over {amount} at {brand name}. The offer ends at midnight. Shop now!

10. VIP Deals

WhatsApp messages are a great way to get VIP sign-ups. Give your customers early access to your most awaited sales. Here is a template message that you can use for VIP deals.

Hi {customer name}

Want early access to our top sales? Join the coveted {VIPs club}! Click on- I WANT IN to sign up or STOP to Opt-out.

Use WhatsApp marketing messages to promote your business

Get started with the WhatsApp Business platform on Interakt and create marketing promotional messages and campaigns that stand apart from the rest. Use the platform to create engaging content that drives sales and boosts customer loyalty. Sign up with Interakt today and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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