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WhatsApp Conversational Commerce: Benefits of Conversational AI for Customer Support

WhatsApp Conversational Commerce: Benefits of Conversational AI for Customer Support


Synthia Susan Thomas

May 31, 2022

Today it’s important for companies to be where their customers are—to engage with them, understand their pain points and offer the right solutions. Customer expectations are rising and constantly evolving. Businesses need to match up to those expectations by adopting different ways to connect with and cater to them. This is where artificial intelligence steps into the picture.

We are taught to believe that implementing AI can do more harm than good. The thought of AI taking over jobs has been on the minds of leading business professionals worldwide for quite some time. In reality, it’s the fear of adopting unfamiliar technology and the effect it would have on well-oiled business processes that have kept them from embracing it.

On the contrary, a study conducted by Deloitte has revealed that automation will create more jobs in the market. In the coming years, top-level managers can expect automation to expand their workforce capacity by 27% which translates to 2.4 million additional full-time employees added to the workforce across the 523 companies that took part in the said survey.

Conversational AI with the WhatsApp Business platform can transform the way you engage with customers. But before we dive into that, let's look at what are some of the challenges that customer service agents face in customer support.

Challenges that customer support agents face in customer service

Let’s be honest, working on the same tasks day in and day out can be overwhelming. Here are some of the challenges that support agents face-

a)     Working on mundane repetitive  tasks

Customer service agents often find themselves working on mundane repetitive tasks. They attend to requests that seek the same solution. Over time, this can affect their enthusiasm and drive.

b)     Reduced productivity

A constant flow of support tickets will not only set in monotony but affect your agent's productivity in the long run. This is something that businesses need to be wary of. Support agents are often overloaded with more work than they can possibly handle leading to mounting pressure and delayed response time, leaving customers unhappy with their experience with your business.

c)     Lack of consistency

Consistency in service is what most customers seek when they reach out to your business. This simply means that agents must be well equipped and trained to offer consistent services with every interaction. Failing to deliver on this aspect will leave customers with a poor impression of your brand and its offering.

Benefits of using Conversational AI in customer service

 Let's take a look at the ways WhatsApp conversational commerce can benefit your business.

  1. Gain a better understanding of your customers

Adding Conversational AI to your communication strategy helps you understand your customer's needs and aspirations better. Your customers may have told you about their problem in detail in the past, AI helps you record and retain this information.

  1. Improve response time

Customers should have the liberty to engage with your brand at any hour of the day and when they do support teams must be ready with quick solutions. WhatsApp Automation allows you to respond to customers with quick solutions. If customers have reached out to you during non-working hours, you may use canned responses to acknowledge their message and inform them about when they can expect to hear from you.

  1. Offer personalization for customers

According to a Gartner report, companies that focus on offering personalized services to customers will outshine those that don’t, by nearly 20%. Personalization through WhatsApp conversational commerce makes customers feel valued and heard during their association with your brand. Conversational AI on Interakt’s WhatsApp business platform can help you deliver this to your customers through real-time support, quick replies, shared team inbox, chat widget, and much more.

  1. Improved ROI

Deploying WhatsApp automation in customer service can save your business a lot of time with a lot of the simple and mundane tasks getting automated. These include—responding to customer FAQs, gathering feedback, greeting new customers, sharing product catalogs, etc. Your agents are left with more time on their hands to focus on the more complex issues that need their attention.

5.     Enhances agent productivity

The use of conversational AI in customer service is not a threat to human jobs. They back your support team to offer quick and exceptional service. Human agents must be present to handle complex issues. The human touch in customer service is necessary as many customers seek agent advice on complex issues and do not rely entirely on AI. With a lot of tasks getting automated, agents are free to offer their best to every request that comes their way.

Brands that have benefited from WhatsApp Conversational Commerce on Interakt

Here is a quick look at 2 brands that are successfully using WhatsApp Business API to boost customer engagement and sales-

a)     Atmosphere Kombucha

An online D2C brand that chose Interakt has benefited considerably through WhatsApp conversational commerce. They received 60-70% more customer queries on the app than on any other channel and were able to attend to more than 50 customer requests per day seamlessly, thanks to Interakt’s shared team inbox. 

b)     Perfora

By signing up for WhatsApp Business API on Interakt, Perfora, a DTC oral care brand is recovering sales lost to cart abandonment through timely automated cart recovery messages. They use the platform to resolve customer concerns and encourage them to move closer to a purchase. These efforts brought about a 10% improvement in cart recovery. 

Explore the power of WhatsApp automation with Interakt

Conversational AI has a lot of benefits to offer. It acts as a tool to help your agents manage customer support and their tasks with ease, leaving customers happy and satisfied with the service you offer. Get started with WhatsApp Business API on Interakt and enhance customer engagement. Take a look at the WhatsApp API pricing model with Interakt and find out all that the platform can do for your business.   Sign up today and enjoy a 14-day free trial!

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