Have you decided to use WhatsApp Business API to take your business and team management to the next level?


WhatsApp Business API allows your business to communicate with customers around the world in a simple and secure manner. It also provides the opportunity to integrate exclusive features that are not available in the WhatsApp Business version.


So, how to get these features for your business? This is where the WhatsApp Business Partner role kicks in. ‍


Does WhatsApp have official partners?

Yes, WhatsApp has official partners, which are their trusted companions. These WhatsApp Business Solution partners help businesses integrate WhatsApp Business API by offering a plug-n-play platform at a nominal cost.

WhatsApp Business API Partner

Who is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?‍

WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs) are third-party solution providers who have proven experience working with WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API solution is distributed through different BSPs to customers.


Know how you can become a  Meta certified WhatsApp Business Partner with Interakt in a few easy steps.


5 Things to consider while choosing a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

It’s a given that every WhatsApp Business Solution Provider out there will develop additional utilities on top of the WhatsApp Business API solution.


So before you dive in, you need to pick a partner based on the utility they offer and at what price point it is being offered. These are one of the major factors you must consider while choosing a whatsapp business solution provider.


That’s not all – we’re laying out some key questions that you need to check off your list while you consider a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?‍


1. What are the supported WhatsApp Business API features?‍

Choosing a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider depends on the WhatsApp API features they offer. Not every WhatsApp Business partner will offer all features or the same features that are available in WhatsApp Business API. For instance, WhatsApp API supports the ability to create template messages. If your business handles customers across different geographical regions, make sure to choose a WhatsApp business solution provider that supports template message localization capability. This allows you to send messages in different languages for each template.

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One of the most critical features to keep an eye out for when choosing a provider is the messaging support that they offer. While messaging support is a basic requirement, businesses should aim at offering a delightful experience for users. WhatsApp Business API features like rich messaging by using images and videos, viewing messages status, quick replies to respond to customer queries, and template messages are supported by Interakt to enrich the customer experience.‍

2. What is the speed of the onboarding process‍?

The main purpose of choosing a WhatsApp business provider is to get WhatsApp approved and deployed as quickly as possible. The onboarding process shouldn’t be a long and complicated one. You need to be able to get rolling and down to business in no time.

To get you up to speed, our team at Interakt will take you through a seamless WhatsApp platform onboarding process that includes getting your business approved for WhatsApp Business API. We’ve also built a resource center – a knowledge pool of articles and videos on how you can make the best use of Interakt and set your business up for success using WhatsApp.‍

3. What are the supported WhatsApp integration capabilities?‍

As a business, you may have ideas to integrate WhatsApp with other solutions like a CRM or even a support ticket system. So when it comes to evaluating a WhatsApp business provider, keep in mind to see what integration services they offer. Do they have pre-built integrations that can be easily onboarded to your business? Are you able to connect with common apps that you regularly use?

With Interakt, there are flexible WhatsApp integration options to connect with popular ecommerce apps such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Pabbly.

4. Is it possible for me to use my own number?‍

Understandably, every business wants to use a single phone number to streamline their support operations. Therefore, choose a business partner that will allow you to use your own number to set up WhatsApp Business API.

Be it an existing WhatsApp number or a WhatsApp Business number, you can use that with Interakt. Make sure you delete your WhatsApp Business account linked to the number prior to the onboarding process.‍


5. What’s the pricing model and strategy?‍

When it comes to pricing, it is always tempting to go with the WhatsApp business solution provider who offers everything at a particular price point. While this does look appealing, there’s always a catch! You never know what the hidden charges are, and the margin of costs involved. Therefore, it’s important to clearly understand the WhatsApp pricing structure and the benefits that you will get at that price point.


Interakt offers a transparent per-month WhatsApp Business API pricing model which aligns with the growth of your business. This includes all of our currently available features and access to new features that will be made available in the future. Your subscription charges will be levied only after the WhatsApp Business API approval process is completed. As the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we aim to reduce the costs to develop the solution and deliver benefits to users at a competitive price point.


Reasons why you need a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

WhatsApp Business Partners work like an intermediary to enable businesses to get started with WhatsApp Business API. WIth WABA businesses can access WhatsApp Business API smoothly with complete guidance and support from their providers.

Which WhatsApp Business Solution Provider should you choose?

Your decision depends on which one offers the best for your business and fits your business needs. With Interakt, it’s not just about gaining easy access to WhatsApp Business API. There’s lots more to it and nothing makes a deeper impact than the positive words of appreciation from our customers.


As Karan Chechani, co-founder of Thrive puts it aptly, “With Interakt, I had my account setup in less than 30 minutes and I was off to the races! The biggest advantage is that we can move really fast with Interakt – everything from onboarding to launching templates and notifications to sending out to customers is super simplistic.”


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