With over 2 billion active users for businesses it’s not easy to handle all of your customers with a single WhatsApp account. It’s impossible to reply instantly when your team has to handle a huge volume of incoming customer queries.

Lets go a little deeper and explore how you can streamline your efforts with multiple users on WhatsApp.


How to set up Multiple users on WhatsApp Business?

As it is possible to setup WhatsApp Business with 4 devices at once here’s how you can set it up in 3 ways:

1. Steps to setup multiple users on WhatsApp Business Android

• Go to WhatsApp > More Options > Linked Devices.

• Choose “Link A Device”.

• Unlock your device:

• For devices with biometric authentication, follow the on-screen instructions.

• If biometric authentication is not enabled, enter your device PIN when prompted.

• Hold your phone in front of the target device’s screen to scan the displayed QR code.

2. Steps to setup Multiple users on WhatsApp Business iOs

• Go to WhatsApp > Settings.

• Tap on “Linked Devices.”

• Select “Link a Device” to begin the linking process.

• Unlock your phone (for iOS 14 or above):

• Use Touch ID or Face ID for authentication.

• If biometric authentication is not enabled, enter your device PIN.

• Hold your iPhone in front of the target device’s screen to scan the QR code.

3. Steps to setup multi-user login with WhatsApp Business API 

• Access your WhatsApp Business API account with Interakt.

• Navigate to the user management section.

• Click on “Add User”.

• Provide the required user details, including login credentials.

• Assign appropriate roles and permissions to ensure user-specific access.

• Save the changes.

WhatsApp Business has limitations, setting up Interakt’s shared team inbox with WhatsApp Business API for multi users allows better management on a single account with features like user roles and permissions.

3 Reasons Why You Need Multiple Users on  WhatsApp Business

Opting to WhatsApp Business for multiple users is ideal in several scenarios. Here are the top 3 reasons you might want to add multiple user on WhatsApp Business:

1. Better Team Collaboration

 When multiple team members handle customer communications, having separate logins enhances collaboration and ensures efficient workflow.

2. Enhanced Customer Support

 In organizations with dedicated customer support teams, individual logins facilitate tracking and handling customer queries effectively.

3. Security Measures

Implementing WhatsApp for multiple users with varying access levels helps in enforcing security measures, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.


3 Ways How Interakt’s multiple users login feature helped Thrive’s merchant adoption

Organized and faster channel: Interakt’s Shared team inbox streamlined Thrive’s communications, facilitating a 30% boost in merchant adoption.

1. Complete support solution: Quicker query resolutions were achieved through Interakt’s Shared Team Inbox.

2. Monitoring agent chats: Enhanced oversight of all WhatsApp multiple agent interactions allowed for improved conversation quality with customers.

Empower your business today with Interakt’s multi agent support

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