WhatsApp is a key channel for most businesses to communicate with customers, owing to its unique and effective features and capabilities. But following up on conversations promptly can be difficult irrespective of the channel. This is where a WhatsApp drip campaign can help you.



In this article, we will take a look at all that there is to learn about WhatsApp drip campaigns.

3 times you need a WhatsApp drip campaign

These are the three times you will need a WhatsApp drip campaign to provide timely communication:

1. Lead nurturing

When a customer is interested in your product/service but is not ready to buy yet, you need to nudge them towards action. You can engage and nurture these leads effectively till they are convinced to make the purchase. Here are a few ways to do this:

• Send welcome messages appreciating the interest they are showing in your brand while providing a brief overview of your products/services.

• Share educational content such as blog posts, video guides, and eBooks that provide important information regarding customer pain points.

• Build trust and credibility with testimonials and case studies.

• Offer special offers and limited-time discount coupons to nudge them towards purchasing.

Welcome Message 1

2. Onboarding new customers

You can send an onboarding drip campaign to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for customers who have opted for your service or purchased your product.

• Share personalized WhatsApp automated messages, thanking the customer for doing business with you.

• For new customers, a step-by-step “Getting Started Guide” or a video tutorial on the product/service will be very helpful.

• Share the best practices, tips and information on advanced features to help them have the best experience with the product.

• Share messages encouraging feedback, reviews, and all valid queries they might have.

3. Customer re-engagement campaigns

Re-kindle customer interest with re-engagement WhatsApp drip campaigns for those customers who have been inactive or who haven’t engaged with your brand in some time.

• Share a simple, friendly reminder message that your brand misses them.

• Attract them with exclusive content like new product launch alerts, free webinars, insider tips and best practices etc.

• Use incentives such as special discounts and promotions to re-spark customer interest.

• Ask customers for feedback on their experience and use surveys to understand why they have become inactive.


Steps to set up WhatsApp drip campaign

1. To set up a WhatsApp drip campaign you need access to the WhatsApp Business API and a competent WhatsApp Business API solution provider like Interakt. After this, you can either use WhatsApp Broadcasts or Interakt’s automated workflows.

2. For simple drip campaigns, you can simply use the WhatsApp Broadcast feature to schedule messages to be sent at specific times.

3. For those brands that are looking for more customization options and advanced automation features, using Interakt’s workflows is the best way to go. This way businesses can leverage personalized messaging based on customer data along with technology such as conversational AI to create sophisticated WhatsApp drip campaigns. 

4. Your human agents will also be able to stop the campaign for an individual contact without having to affect the whole audience if there is a need to personally handle a conversation. 

This way, Interakt allows for better-targeted and more engaging WhatsApp drip campaigns with its automated workflows.


Top 5 WhatsApp drip campaign templates

These are the top five WhatsApp drip campaign templates that you can learn from and employ for your own WhatsApp drip campaign messaging strategies:

Template 1: Welcome new customers to your brand and guide them on how to navigate and get the most out of the product or service.


Template 2: Check in on the customer, provide more information on the brand, and offer assistance, while letting the customers know you care. 


Template 3: Utilize media such as videos or images and provide guides to help customers get started with the brand.


Template 4: Convince customers of the benefits of the product by showcasing success stories, testimonials, or reviews. 


Template 5: Invite customers to events such as a game show to engage and make their experience with the brand more interactive. If the customers are unresponsive to your messages you can send a clever follow-up with exciting incentives to secure a sale. 

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8 Tips to optimize your WhatsApp drip campaign

A perfectly optimized drip campaign is guaranteed to deliver the positive results you are aiming for. Here are some of the best practices to optimize your WhatsApp drip campaign:

1. Obtain WhatsApp Opt-in

Obtain explicit consent from your audience before sending them WhatsApp drip campaign messages. Also, ensure that you comply with WhatsApp’s terms of service and privacy and security laws.

2. Personalize WhatsApp campaign

Use customer’s names and data such as interests, behavior, and past interactions to make the messages more personal and relevant to them.

3. Segment the audience 

To better tailor the content, segment customers based on demographic factors, purchase history, interests, behavior, and past interactions. Make the content more relevant to each customer by addressing the specific needs of the segment and crafting dynamic content.

4. Leverage automation

Set up action (or inaction) based triggers as well as optimal message scheduling using automation tools to stay timely and relevant with each interaction.

5. Craft compelling content

Craft content that provides value to each recipient, while engaging them with images, videos, and other media elements. Additionally, a powerful and clear CTA can help in guiding the customers toward further action.

6. Consider timing and frequency

Consider the frequency and timing of your campaign messages so that the customers will not feel annoyed or overwhelmed. You should also be mindful of the time zones of your customers to send them messages within permissible hours.

7. Monitor and improve

Monitor your campaigns and constantly improve the quality of your WhatsApp drip campaign messages to get the best results. Use A/B testing, feedback collection, and analytic tools to assess how well your campaign is performing.

8. Regularly update content

Keep your content regularly updated and fresh and avoid being repetitive and outdated.  Regularly test different content types and refine your WhatsApp drip campaign strategy for the best results.


WhatsApp drip campaigns allow you to bring better personalization and creativity to your communication and in doing so help you drive higher engagement and by extension higher ROI. Meeting customer expectations and responding in a timely fashion is the best way to establish yourself as a pro-customer brand.

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