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WhatsApp Business API Pricing: All You Need To Know

WhatsApp Business API Pricing: All You Need To Know

By Nitesh Thakur
April 27, 2021

Let’s first backtrack a bit here - in one of our recent articles, we explained the need for a WhatsApp Business Partner and how you can effectively choose a business partner. One of the key points to remember when choosing a WhatsApp partner is to pick one based on the utility they offer and at what price point it is being offered. Therefore, every small and medium business must have a clear understanding of the WhatsApp Business API charges and pricing models offered by business providers before implementing the solution. 

The WhatsApp Business API pricing strategy is different from how other products and services are priced. Primarily, the pricing strategy differs across the WhatsApp Partners. It also differs based on the country you are located in. Some partners charge companies on a per-message basis while others charge you based on the number of active users. 

How to choose a pricing model that’s the right fit for your business?

Earlier, WhatsApp Business Partners offered different pricing models based on per message, per monthly active user (MAU), per message bundle. In the per-message model, the partner will bill your business based on the number of messages you send in a particular month. In the per MAU model, you will be billed based on the number of users you interact with, within a month. Lastly, per message bundle is based on a number of messages as defined by the partner.

But, before choosing a WhatsApp business partner, make sure you have a clear understanding of how their pricing model works. Do they have a setup fee? What’s their monthly/yearly price plan? How much is the messaging cost? Choose a business partner based on your messaging requirements, the type of messages you will be sending to customers, and the price they offer for these messages.

Components involved in the WhatsApp Business API pricing model

There are two components of the WhatsApp Business API pricing model - cost charged by WhatsApp to the partner and the cost charged by the partner to the business as part of the pricing plan.

  • Partner Subscription charges - based on the plan you choose for your business. This is charged by the WhatsApp Business API solution provider.
  • WhatsApp conversation charges - based on the conversations between your business and the user. This is charged by WhatsApp and we extend the same to you.

1. How much does WhatsApp charge the Business Partners?

WhatsApp charges the business partners for the messaging capability offered. Every business has the need to send out customized WhatsApp business messages to their users. Template Messaging is one of the main capabilities available as part of the WhatsApp Business API. With this, you can send personalized messages, delivery confirmations, appointment reminders, travel updates, and many such notifications to users.

Effective Feb 1st, 2022, WhatsApp has changed its billing model from notifications-based pricing to conversation-based pricing. Instead of being charged on the basis of notifications sent, businesses will now be charged as per conversations they had with their users. A conversation is considered as a set of all the messages exchanged between the business and the user within a 24-hour period.

WhatsApp's Conversation-based pricing model

 These conversations fall under 2 categories:

  • User-initiated conversations like customer care or support queries from users
  • Business-initiated conversations like post-purchase notifications or order updates.

Business-initiated conversations are charged when the conversation is initiated by the business itself. However, businesses can send unlimited messages in the 24-hour conversation period and it will be charged as one business-initiated conversation.

User-initiated conversations are charged when the business replies to a user-initiated conversation, and there is no limit on the number of messages exchanged within the 24-hour conversation period. You will still be charged for only one conversation.

These conversations are charged based on the country code of the recipient. However, the first 1,000 conversations will be free for businesses every month. These 1,000 free tier conversations can either be business-initiated or user-initiated conversations. Once you have used your free limit of 1000 conversations, then only the standard conversation charges will be applicable to your business account.


Standard WhatsApp Conversation Charges for India Market

 WhatsApp conversation charges may vary depending on the number of messages that are sent and the country of the recipient. For India, the charges start as low as 48 paise for a business-initiated conversation and 29 paise for a user-initiated conversation. Once you choose Interakt as your WhatsApp Business API partner, we will bill this on actuals and pass on the same cost to you.

Click here to learn more about WhatsApp’s new conversation-based pricing.

2. How much do the WhatsApp Business Partners charge companies?

Well, first and foremost, you will have to take the call to go with a WhatsApp Business Partner that suits your business best.

Next up, you will have to make it past onboarding - which means the WhatsApp API approval process for your business has to turn out to be a success!

You can then move on to choose from the different pricing plans offered by the business partner. Most partners have a monthly plan and a yearly plan on offer. While some of these might include all features, bear in mind that some business partners offer only specific features in one plan and all features as part of a higher pricing tier. It’s important that you pick a provider who offers all the solutions at an affordable price.

At Interakt, there are 2 types of subscription plans for every business need.

WhatsApp Business API Subscription Plans| Interakt

 Starter Plan - consists of features such as the Shared Team Inbox, Automated Bulk Notifications, Whatsapp widget, Green Tick Verification, etc. The monthly subscription charge for the starter plan is INR 999/- that comes with unlimited conversations with up to 2000 active contacts per month.

Growth Plan - contains all of the starter plan features and additional functionalities such as WhatsApp commerce, Chat Automation, Conversation Analytics, etc. The monthly subscription charge is INR 2499/- and comes with unlimited conversations with up to 3500 active contacts per month.

How does Interakt’s pricing model work?

With Interakt, there are two components to the pricing structure. The first one is the Monthly Subscription model. You can get started with Interakt at a nominal price of INR 999 per month. This includes all the currently available features and also grants access to the upcoming new features. The billing cycle will start only after the WhatsApp Business API approval process is completed. We do not charge you any one-time setup fee! 

What’s more - you can take the platform for a spin and explore all the top-notch features for FREE during a 14-day trial. That’s right, you get to access all the game-changing features right from the team inbox (with unlimited logins), bulk notifications, the ability to send and receive media files with no additional cost to a verified profile status (green tick), and much more!


As part of the monthly subscription plan, you can manage up to 2,000 active monthly contacts in a calendar month. Beyond 2,000 contacts, different billing rates apply as explained on our Pricing page. The usage will be calculated based on the number of conversations you have with your contacts in a month. Active monthly contact is defined as a user with which you have at least one successfully delivered incoming or outgoing message.

The second component is the WhatsApp charges (explained in the previous section). There will be no surcharge on the template messaging charges. You will be billed exactly for what WhatsApp charges you. So, in short:

Ready to give WhatsApp Business API a shot?

You’ve reached this far and by now you should have a good idea of WhatsApp Business API pricing and how it works between different partners. If your business is looking for an effective WhatsApp Business tool packed with powerful features and at a flexible pricing model - say no more! Sign up for Interakt’s 14 day free trial and gear up your sales strategy to win more & more customers on WhatsApp.

Hope this article helped you understand Interakt’s monthly subscription plans, WhatsApp’s standard conversation charges, and the complete pricing structure of getting started with this platform. For any other queries, simply send a WhatsApp text to our team, and we will be right there to help you out. Get started with Interakt today, and supercharge your business, by growing your online sales on WhatsApp.

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