Be it notifications from all the social media apps or messages from friends and family that can turn into scrolling, we often have to set our phones aside and use laptops or desktops to ‘get work done’ without distractions. But what if you’re using WhatsApp for business purposes? 

If you are a business and want to be available to your customers 24*7 on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business Web is the most efficient way. 


What is WhatsApp Business Web? 

WhatsApp Business Web is a web application that enables businesses to easily access and use two types of WhatsApp Business Account– WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business accounts on their desktops by using their internet browsers. 


Key difference between WhatsApp Business Web and WhatsApp Business Desktop

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Here is how you can access it at your ease in the following form: WhatsApp Business Web and WhatsApp Business Desktop. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two:



WhatsApp Business Web vs WhatsApp Business Desktop

Can I use a WhatsApp Business account on WhatsApp Web?

Yes. With WhatsApp web it is easy to access your WhatsApp Business account on desktop or laptop. This allows businesses to send and receive messages, manage contacts, and perform other tasks related to your WhatsApp Business account from your web browser.

Use WhatsApp Business Web in 4 Steps

Using WhatsApp Business Web on both Mac and Windows is similar. Here are the quick steps to follow:


• Go to > scan QR code displayed

• Open the WhatsApp Business App on your phone 

• Go to Linked Devices > Link a Device > Scan QR on desktop browser

• Once the sync is complete, you can start using WhatsApp Business Web.

4 Reasons to Get WhatsApp Business Web

If you don’t want to install the WhatsApp Business Desktop app, you can still extensively use the messaging platform on your internet browser. Here are 4 ways in which WhatsApp Business Web App boosts productivity and brings efficiency to your business process.

1. Multiple device logins: 

Apart from the phone you are using the WhatsApp account on, you can also login via four additional desktop devices. 

But as you grow, you may have to handle queries across different departments, which may mean giving access to more people. This is where WhatsApp Business API can help you with its unlimited teammate logins. 

2. Stay connected: 

Even if your phone is out of coverage or not connected to the internet, it allows you to use the account on your desktop (with wifi access).

3. Focus on work tools: 

With WhatsApp on Web, you can easily switch between other tools you may be using at work without missing a single message from your customers. 

4. Set greeting and away messages: 

Similar to the WhatsApp Business app on mobile devices, you can set up greeting and away messages on the web extension as well.

Do more with WhatsApp Business Web using WhatsApp Business API 

WhatsApp Business API is designed for medium to large businesses with various advanced features offered WhatsApp Business API help tackle the above limitations and also offers support for third-party integrations when used with solutions like Interakt.

Here’s what you can do by using WhatsApp Business Web with WhatsApp API through Interakt:

• WhatsApp Chat Widget

Expand your reach by allowing customers to initiate conversations directly from your website using a WhatsApp chat widget.

WhatsApp chat widget | Interakt

• Advanced WhatsApp Automations

Interakt removes broadcast limits and enables automation for various scenarios such as greetings, promotions, customer support, and more, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.

• WhatsApp CRM

Collaborate seamlessly with your team to ensure timely responses to incoming messages using a shared team inbox and CRM features provided by Interakt.

WhatsApp CRM

• WhatsApp Commerce

Optimize the checkout experience for customers by leveraging commerce features on WhatsApp, including catalog management and order processing directly within the messaging app.

• Campaign Analytics

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your WhatsApp campaigns with comprehensive analytics provided by Interakt, tracking metrics such as message delivery, engagement, sales, and revenue.

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Ready to unlock business efficiency with WhatsApp Business Web? 

It’s time to do more on your desktop using the WhatsApp Business API with Interakt. 

In addition to removing all the limitations that come with the WhatsApp Business Web, Interakt ensures you succeed with turning the messaging app into a growth channel for your business with proactive customer support and success. 

Want to know more about using the WhatsApp Business Web with Interakt?