One of the most important things to remember when selecting a WhatsApp Business partner is to choose one based on the utility they provide and the pricing point at which it is provided. As a result, before deploying their solution, every small and medium firm must have a clear understanding of the WhatsApp Business API pricing or WhatsApp Business solution costing provided by WhatsApp business partners.

The pricing plan for WhatsApp Business API differs from those of other products and services. Primarily, the WhatsApp Business solution costing differs across WhatsApp Business solution provider. It also differs based on the country you are located in. Some partners charge companies on a per-message basis while others charge you based on the number of conversations.


Is WhatsApp free?

WhatsApp is categorized primarily into two sections


1. WhatsApp Business App

Yes, the WhatsApp Business App is free. It is a separate app designed for small businesses to interact with their customers on WhatsApp as a platform. You can also use WhatsApp on desktop using WhatsApp Business Web.


2. WhatsApp Business API

No, WhatsApp Business API is not free. Acquiring the API via WhatsApp Business Solution providers like Interakt involves WhatsApp Business costing associated with sending messages and accessing its features. These WhatsApp costs vary according to your WhatsApp Business Solution provider and the country you are residing in.


What is the pricing structure of WhatsApp Business API?

There are two major components of the WhatsApp Business API pricing model 

1. Subscription charges: The cost charged by the WhatsApp Business API service provider to the business for the platform.

2. Conversation charges- The cost charged by WhatsApp for the conversations on the platform

Additionally, this is a generic pricing structure of WhatsApp Business Solution Providers.

• Set up Costs

The set up costs for a WhatsApp Business API may vary among the API service providers. However, Interakt offers free WhatsApp Business API set up for your business at no additional or hidden costs. Moreover, you get a 14-day free trial of the WhatsApp Business Platform with Interakt

• Monthly Costs

The monthly costs for a WhatsApp Business API is its Subscription Plan Charges. These are the charges that a service provider levy to a business for using their platform features and solutions. Again, it may vary from one service provider to another however an efficient and affordable WhatsApp Business solution can cost you around INR 999/- to INR 3499/- per month, depending on the plan you choose as per your business need.

• Costs per conversation

For every conversation that happens between a user and the business, WhatsApp charges some nominal amount to businesses for using the WhatsApp Business API. Along with that, the partner also adds a mark-up to these costs for the infrastructure and service maintenance.

These costs per conversation are exactly displayed in your monthly invoice and are known as WhatsApp Conversation Charges.


What are WhatsApp Conversation Charges?

WhatsApp conversation charges are considered a set of all the messages exchanged between the business and the user within a 24-hour period.

These conversations fall under 2 categories:

1. User-initiated conversations- These are charged when a customer messages a business on WhatsApp, and there is no limit on the number of messages exchanged within the 24-hour conversation period. You will still be charged for only one conversation.

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2. Business-initiated conversations- Business-initiated conversations are charged when the business itself initiates the conversation. However, businesses can send unlimited messages in the 24-hour conversation period and it will be charged as one business-initiated conversation.

Kindly note that WhatsApp conversation charges vary depending on the number of messages sent and the country of the recipient. 

For your quick reference click here to get conversation charges of your country.

How to pay the WhatsApp conversation charges?

Interakt offers a prepaid wallet system where you can easily refill your wallet and run WhatsApp campaigns. Check out this help doc for understanding the working of Interakt’s prepaid wallet system.

How does Interakt’s pricing structure work?

Interakt’s pricing is divided into four plans 

1. Starter Plan

Note: This plan is exclusive to Quarterly and Annual pricing only
• Starter plan starts at ₹2,757 /qtr.
• Get access to Shared Team Inbox, Unlimited Team Members, Instagram Inbox,
• Use Chat Automation for Welcome and OOO messages.
• Build catalog for Native Builder and Campaigns.
• Send Bulk Notifications on WhatsApp & analyze your WhatsApp Campaign with Campaign Analytics.
2. Growth Plan

Interakt’s Growth WhatsApp pricing plan includes all the features from the starter plan. 

 • Get access to Click to WhatsApp Ads Analytics Dashboard, Automated Workflows, Advanced Campaign Filters, Conversation Analytics, and more. 

• Use additional chat automation features like Delayed Messages and Custom Auto Replies. 

• With roles and permissions, you have control, and you can integrate up to 3 apps. There are extra user segments for Repeat and Recovered users. 

• Plus, you’ll have developer API access for template and message sending, as well as message status webhooks. 

• The rate limit for API calls is 300 per minute upon request, and you’ll receive hand-held onboarding and setup support.


3. Advance Plan

 • The Advanced pricing plan builds on the Growth plan, offering unlimited external app integrations with WhatsApp, additional User Segments for loyal and high-spending customers, and developer API access for Session messages and Incoming messages. 


• You can request a higher rate limit of 600 API calls per minute, and you’ll also have access to Agent Statistics. Agent Chat Assignment in advance.


4. Enterprise Plan

• The enterprise plan offers two options: the Pro plan and the Enterprise plan, by which pricing is mainly differentiated on the volume of Conversations (define conversation via hyperlink) that you’d like via WhatsApp. For any further details please do enquire here for a custom pricing structure.

• Additionally, due to the high conversational volume requirements of businesses, we provide customers with a dedicated service in support and message speeds to meet the same. At the same time, customers with Interakt also gets exclusive access to playbooks, strategies and special consultative solutions from Meta and Interakt to run optimized WhatsApp campaigns to help them build better ROI, ROAS and LTV.

For WhatsApp Conversational Sessions, both the Pro and Enterprise plans charge as following

‣ Marketing conversations cost 0.7265 INR per conversation.
‣ Utility conversations cost 0.3082 INR per conversation.
‣ Service conversations cost 0.2906 INR per conversation.
The above pricing is specific to India only. Check out Meta commercials for your region.

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