Ecommerce stores lose thousands of dollars in sales every year due to cart abandonments. This is one of the biggest problems faced today. The average cart abandonment rate is a staggering 69% across various industries. This rate goes as high as 86% for mobile ecommerce shoppers!

While most brands use various traditional mediums like email, for instance, to recover these ‘lost’ sales, WhatsApp is a much better channel to bring back these high intent buyers. This is a platform that consumers are always checking and are very active on throughout the day.

But just like emails, the opening line of your WhatsApp message needs to entice the shopper or it’s a lost cause. This means your copy needs to be exceptionally well-crafted to tap the right spots by just reading the first sentence.

How do you achieve that? We’ll help you out!

Save these WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery templates for your campaigns.

Abandoned cart subject line templates

You need to be able to grab your consumer’s attention amidst the gazillion other notifications they relieve on a daily basis. More often than not, you’re only presented with mere seconds to do this.

This is why you need to have a well-strategized subject line for all your abandoned cart notification WhatsApp templates.

Abandoned 1

This is what a subject line in a WhatsApp message essentially means

1. Direct and crisp subject lines

Consumers are not going to spend a lot of their time reading any sort of message from a brand/business. They’d want it to be as brief and direct as possible.

So do that! Keep it simple enough to be effectively understood even if they decide to just skim through the rest of the message content.

You can write these effective subject lines with the use of a statement, a question, by creating a sense of FOMO or by enticing the cart abandoner with a discount they just can’t miss out on!

Here are 10 templates of direct and crisp subject lines –

 Looks like you forgot something

 A simple reminder

 Reminder: you left something behind

 There are still items left in your cart

 We saw you checking us out

 Need help making a decision?

 What can I help you with?

 Get the items in your cart before they sell out!

 Over 50,000 people love the xyz product

 Hey, still deciding? Your gift coupon is waiting!

2. Gentle reminders

Shoppers can easily get distracted and forget about that one purchase they were (impulsively) going to make. Sometimes all it takes is a slight nudge to get them to complete their purchase and checkout.

This is why reminder messages are essential.

Here are 10 subject line examples of gentle reminders to bring them back to the cart –

 Oops… you left something in your cart!

 Did you forget something?

 You purchase of xyz product is still incomplete

 You didn’t complete your order yet

 You’re this close!

 Oh oh! Looks like you forgot something!

 Your cart misses you!

 Left something behind?

 Reminder: complete your order

 Hey, you have a great taste! Complete your order now

4. Personalized subject lines

Take your direct and gentle subject lines one step further by personalizing them for each individual cart abandoner.

You can add a ‘personalized feel’ to your WhatsApp cart recovery messages by –

 using your customer’s first name

 listing items they added to and left in their cart

 guiding them on what to do next to complete their order, depending on what leg of the checkout journey they were on

‍Even if you don’t have your subscriber’s first name, you can still make the subject lines personalized by even adding something like “Hey, there!”. This comes off as more conversational and friendlier.

Here are 10 subject line examples of how you can do this –

 Hey [Customer Name], you left something at checkout!

 [Customer Name]! You left something behind

 Hey [Customer Name], looks like you forgot something.

 Did you forget something, [Customer Name]?

 Did you like the [Product Name] you were checking out?

 Still deciding, [Customer Name]?

 Ready to complete your purchase, [Customer Name]?

 [Customer Name], get your new [Product category] in just [x] clicks!

 Hey, complete your purchase in [x] clicks!

 Hey, have you made your mind up?

4. Irresistible offers

You can entice your customers into completing their orders and checking out by offering some type of discount or any other value-added benefit like free shipping, for instance.

Here are 10 subject line examples of how you can entice your customers to make previously-abandoned purchases by offering some incentive –

 Hey, we’ve credited Rs. [Amount] to your insider wallet ♥

 Special flash sale ends at midnight! Shop now ?‍♀️

 Get extra [Discount]% off now!

 Free shipping on your first order ♥

 Enjoy free shipping today with your purchase!

 Here’s Rs. [Amount] on us! ?

 Hi [Customer Name], would [Discount]% off help?

 See the new low price on [Product Name]!

 Come back now and get [Discount]% off!

[Product Name] is almost sold out!

5. Creative copy specific/related to your products or industry

Consumers are always moved by witty and creative copy. You can bring out your creative side in your WhatsApp message templates for abandoned carts as well. Just make sure the copy you come up with is relevant to the product and industry.

Here are 5 examples –


[Customer Name], flaunt that summer body with the items in your cart!


[Product Name] is perfect for the winters!


Your party snacks just got upgraded!


[Customer Name], burn calories not cash! Enjoy [Discount]% off today!


Decorate your living room with [Discount]% off items in your cart!

It’s crucial to regularly refine your message to continue to deliver ‘relevant’ messages. What works today might not work next week, month, or year.

Before you get to it, here are some quick tips to follow

 Keep your subject lines as simple as you can

 Keep your subject line copy short

 Make your subject lines visually interesting with emojis

 Create a sense of FOMO in your subject lines

 Create a sense of urgency in your subject lines

 Create curiosity

 Persuade your customers by making  your subject lines compelling and irresistable

 Personalize. Personalize. Personalize

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