Today’s customers do not like waiting for a response when they get in touch with a business be it- on a call or through email. Instead, they are constantly on the lookout for faster ways to get answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. In a world where customers expect to be attended to instantly, messaging apps like WhatsApp are becoming their great allies in connecting with businesses. Now, more than 5 million businesses are using the WhatsApp Business Account to engage with their customers.

Are you looking to generate new leads? If you intend to grow your customer base, WhatsApp is the right platform for you. WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads is one of the most effective lead generators. In this post, we will take you through what WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads are, their benefits and how you can create them.

WhatsApp Ads: An introduction 

To prevent spam, WhatsApp has laid out a few rules where a business cannot be the first one to start a conversation with a customer. It is the customer who must take the initiative to message a business.

Thankfully, WhatsApp has a way to encourage both existing and new customers to send you the first message. It is through WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads.

What are WhatsApp Click to Chat links? 

The Click to Chat link feature allows you to chat with customers and store visitors on WhatsApp. When a person clicks on the link they are led to a WhatsApp chat window where they can start a conversation with you. The best part- neither you nor the customer has to save any phone number on their devices.

This feature works well on your phone as well as on the WhatsApp web, provided the person clicking the link has a WhatsApp account.

These links can be added to your website or included in your newsletter to get customers to chat with you. If a prospective buyer visits your website or has subscribed to your newsletter, they can connect with you instantly.

What are WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads?

Just like Click to Chat links, WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads direct customers to a conversation with your business on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads are Ads with a WhatsApp Chat button added to them, allowing users to start a WhatsApp conversation with you in just one click.

These Ads can be displayed on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. When buyers click on the Ad, it will open up a new chat with you. Prospective leads may opt-in to receive communication from your business. Once leads have opted in, you can message them with qualifying questions to close a sale.

Why use WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads?

WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads have several advantages when compared to traditional lead generation methods. We have listed out the benefits here-

1. No hassles

Customers don’t have to save your number on their phones before sending a message to your business.

2. Just one click to chat 

All it takes is one click to start a conversation on WhatsApp.

3. Eliminates the need to fill up a contact form

Many buyers dislike filling up long forms. Some may even provide false details, in which case you can’t get back in touch with them. With WhatsApp Click to chat Ads, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong contact details.

How to set up WhatsApp Click to Chat Ads? 

Before you set out to create these Ads, make sure to download the WhatsApp Business App and link your WhatsApp account to your Facebook business page. Follow the simple steps mentioned here to establish the link. We have also listed out the step by step process here on how to add a chat button with a Click to WhatsApp CTA in a Facebook Ad.

Taking WhatsApp Ads to the next level with Interakt

1. Qualify leads faster with a multi-user functionality 

Answering leads quickly increases your chances of turning them into sales. This is difficult with the WhatsApp Business App which supports only one user on one device. If your company is growing, what you need is the advanced version of the WhatsApp Business Account called the WhatsApp Business API which is made available by Interakt. Interakt’s shared inbox supports multiple users empowering you to respond to leads faster and manage chats effectively.

2. Message leads anytime with WhatsApp template messages 

Template messages are those which have to be pre-approved by WhatsApp before they are sent out to customers and leads. This is how WhatsApp keeps spamming in check. Create WhatsApp message template to engage with your leads on Interakt.

Communicate more proactively with customers using WhatsApp Click to chat Ads!

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