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WhatsApp broadcast formatting best practices for higher engagement

WhatsApp broadcast formatting best practices for higher engagement

In our previous lesson, we talked about how you can increase the message limit for your WhatsApp broadcasts. Now while sending more messages gives you an increased opportunity to sell more to buyers, what if we said the formatting of that message equally matters? 

In this lesson, we’re going to discuss a few WhatsApp broadcast message formatting tips that will ensure your message doesn’t just get noticed - but also engaged with and clicked on! 

WhatsApp broadcast best practices - formatting them right! 

WhatsApp is a unique marketing platform as it helps businesses to have one-on-one conversations with customers. But according to Techcrunch stats, approximately 100 billion messages are exchanged daily on WhatsApp; which indicates a lot of competition to say the least. 

After having set up, sent and monitored thousands of WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, here are some of the tips we recommend following: 

1. Add a subject line/ preview text 

Your WhatsApp broadcast gets delivered the same way as regular messages from friends. The preview text visible on the inbox screen of the recipient needs to be appealing enough to get someone to click through. 

Make sure you’re doing more than just sending a ‘hey, jane’ as your subject line - keep it catchy and concise! 

2. Keep your messages simple 

Businesses that want to get the most out of their WhatsApp broadcasts need to reduce the risk of confusing its customers. To break through the noise and make their message stand out, they must clearly express the purpose of their message.

For example:

If they want customers to check out their most recent collection, they may send the following message:

Hii (name),

We know you’re more excited than us about our latest collection. 

So, the wait is over. We are revealing our latest collection tonight. 

Visit our store at 12:00 pm to checkout. We’re also offering discounts for early users. 

3. Keep the message short 

WhatsApp is a messaging platform for quick and casual conversations. Businesses, unlike email, should avoid writing long messages. WhatsApp broadcast messages should be short, simple, and to the point. Businesses should consider the following while composing WhatsApp Broadcast messages:

Keep sentences brief

Use bullet points 

Highlight important information

For example:

Dear (name),

Being healthy & fit isn't a trend but a lifestyle! 

Book our Full Body checkup with 89 parameters @ Rs.1999 to track your progress. Avail 50% discount.

Use Coupon Code: 5JNBK962

4. Leverage message formatting

Similar to the articles you read online, using formatting can really help make a WhatsApp broadcast message readable. While there are some amount of limitations in terms of formatting of messages on WhatsApp, here are some we recommend following: 

Highlight keywords using bold 

Select the appropriate font

Italicize key information to accentuate it

Use media such as photos and videos

Space sentences and paragraphs

5. Use emojis to capture the attention

90% of people believe that using emojis helps them express their thoughts better. Emojis are great to capture attention and make WhatsApp Broadcast messages more engaging. 51% of customers are likely to engage with brands that use emojis in messages. Since most people use WhatsApp for casual conversation, adding emojis makes it more appealing.

For example:

businesses sending WhatsApp Broadcast messages about ongoing sales can use emojis like this:

Hi (Name), 

3…2…1…You got a Flat 500 Cashback!🎁

Online Sale is Live 🥳

Get Flat 500 cashback on orders above Rs.999 🎉

Use Code: FLAT500. Limited period offer 

6. Add media to broadcast messages

Including media such as images and videos make WhatsApp Broadcast messages more engaging and informative. It helps to attract, engage, and convert consumers. Businesses can add product photos, customer testimonial videos, or product demos to WhatsApp Broadcast messages.

Businesses, for example, may like to inform customers about their most recent collection. No matter how imaginative and detailed the words are, sending a plain broadcast message will not be as effective as images of the items.

7. End your message with CTAs

The CTA (call-to-action) is why customers take action. It informs customers what to do now that they have read the message.

When building CTAs, make an effort to:

Set one goal or objective per message 

Use interactive messages instead of direct links 

For example:

Hii (name)

We have some great news for you.

Grab Amazon vouchers worth Rs 500 when you make purchases worth Rs.1999 anytime before 31st June 2022.*

CTA >> Grab Rs.200 voucher CTA 2 >> Learn more 

8. Create a storyline 

Now this may not be a formatting tip, but can be used as one to ensure that recipients actually read through your WhatsApp broadcasts. 

To make things simpler, use a gradual build up - hook, core message/ value offered and call-to-action. This is especially important if you’re sending a slightly longer message that includes more details about an upcoming sale, policy changes, brand story, etc. 

Don’t just stop at formatting your WhatsApp broadcasts 

WhatsApp broadcasts unlock a whole new realm of opportunities for businesses when used in a strategic way. But to be able to make the most of all the features offered by the WhatsApp Business API, you will need to use a solution partner like Interakt. With a platform like Interakt, formatting your messages is easy. But additionally, you get to also work through how you want these messages to be delivered with smart workflows and automations that we will be discussing in the next few lessons. 

Ready to send out your first WhatsApp broadcast? Sign up on Interakt today. 

Want to learn more about making your WhatsApp broadcasts compelling? Read our next lesson on how visuals impact the performance of your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.

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