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WhatsApp Broadcast Ideas and Templates For Electronics Ecommerce Stores

WhatsApp Broadcast Ideas and Templates For Electronics Ecommerce Stores

Electronics online business is extremely competitive. With so many brands and online stores popping up everyday, brands have to craft a truly impactful communication strategy. WhatsApp broadcast is a key part of ecommerce communication strategies. 

If you’re an electronics ecommerce brand, this lesson’s for you. You’ll get inspiration for campaign ideas, some awesome ready campaign examples and templates that you can easily use for your Shopify store.

WhatsApp broadcast ideas and templates for electronics businesses

One of the most important things to remember before you start any WhatsApp broadcast campaign is to have customer opt-ins. If you don’t have a list, you should use tools such as Interakt to build a WhatsApp list. As soon as customers sign up to your WhatsApp list, you should send them a welcome or a thank-you message. 

1. Customer opt-ins

To be able to send WhatsApp messages to customers, you have to have their opt-ins; meaning they should have signed up to receive your updates. Once customers opt-in, send them a WhatsApp message like below.

Example 1

Hello Angelina,

We’re happy to have you join our WhatsApp list. We will be sending you updates on new products, sales, offers, and more. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, shop from our site and avail a 5% off on your first order.

Shop now

Example 2

Hey Matt,

We’ve received confirmation that you’d like our updates on WhatsApp. We will be sharing updates on products, orders, shipping, discounts, and offers.

Enjoy shopping on

2. Annual sale

Electronics items’ prices are on the higher side. And hence, many customers wait for the sale season to make purchases. If you’re running a sale, you should put together a WhatsApp broadcast campaign. 

Example 1

Hey Ricardo,

FunkElec’s annual sale is live now! And it’s one of our biggest ever with over 1000 products and discounts upto 40%. If you want to check out the discounts, head to our site now. 

Unlock discounts now

Example 2

Hiya John,

The D-Day is here! Our Black Friday sale begins in less than an hour.

Head to our site now, select items, and add them to the wishlist.

Keep an eye out for surprise flash sales throughout the day. We’ll send you updates here.

Shop Black Friday Sale

3. Post-purchase thank you message

Electronics items are a big investment for consumers. And hence, they may feel anxious if they don’t hear back from you after a purchase. To offer a pleasant experience to your customers, use WhatsApp broadcast to send post-purchase messages.

Example 1

Thank you for your purchase, Josh.

Your order is confirmed. We will send you order updates once it is ready to be shipped.

In the meantime, track your order here.

For any queries, reach out to our customer care number: (add number)

Thank you!

Example 2

Hi VJ, 

Your order no. 8739 is confirmed. While we’re preparing your order for dispatch, you can see your order details by signing into our website.

Thank you for your purchase.

Log in now

4. Order updates

Imagine you place an order on a website and don’t hear back from the store for many days. Wouldn’t you feel jittery and anxious? To make your customers feel comfortable, send them order updates from time-to-time. Here are some templates:

Example 1

Hey Glen,

Your order no. 55667 for BR Sound System is ready for dispatch. We will update you once it has been shipped and share further updates.

Have a good day!

Check order details here

Example 2

Your order is on its way, Glen.

Order no. 7897 - 1 LED Flat Screen Television has been shipped and will be delivered to you by 9th January.

You can track your order by logging into your customer account on

Log in now.

5. Upselling

One of the best strategies to boost sales on your Shopify electronics store is to offer/ recommend better and more valuable products to customers. We’re talking about upselling. 

Example 1

Hey Stefani,

You recently inquired about the FFX Max 40 inch flat screen. We have found a couple of similar items that are better and would be suitable to your requirements.

We think you will like them. Check them out by clicking the links:

(Link of product 1)

(Link of product 2)

Want to know more about these products? We can have our experts call you.

Yes, please call back I Explore shop

Example 2

Hey Max,

You’ve chosen a good product — (add product name). But wouldn’t it be better to go for a slightly advanced version that offers more features and makes your life more comfortable?

Before you place your order, check out the (add product name). We’re sure you’ll love it.

Explore (add new product name)

Continue to buy (add previous product name)

6. Cross-selling

Cross-selling is when you recommend complementing products to something your customers bought recently. By cross-selling you can make your customers' lives better and improve the value of their purchase. 

Example 1

Enjoying music on your new music system, Hanna? 

We have something to make your experience even better. Try the sensor remote control to go with your music system. Change songs simply by hand gestures. 

Want to know more about the product? 

Yes, give me a call back I Take me to the product page

Example 2

Hey Mel,

We hope you’re loving your new FHGreen Kitchen Mixer and cooking up amazing dishes. We wanted you to have a look at an add-on blender that can help you with more functions so you can prepare many more dishes.

Check it out now

7. After-sales service campaigns

Electronics products often require post-sales services and help. Customers might need help with how-to-use manuals, servicing reminders, etc. To be a brand that cares for customers, you should set up after-sales service campaigns. Here are some ideas.

Example 1

Hey Emanuel,

We’d just like to remind you that your FDS air conditioner is up for a free service. To book a slot for the servicing, click on the link below.

Book service now

Example 2

Hey Priya,

Thank you for your recent purchase from our store.

We’d like to send an expert to take you through the set-up manual and answer any queries that you might have.

Please reply to this message with a confirmation and your preferred time for the visit.

Thank you

Team BoxElectrics

8. Back in stock notifications

Electronics items often tend to get sold out on ecommerce stores because of the limited numbers in the inventory. As they’re expensive, it’s a huge investment for stores to block. And customers can be very picky. Because they’re spending a lot, they’d want specific products only and won’t settle for anything else. So, as soon as you restock an item, send out back in stock notifications via WhatsApp.

Example 1

Hi George,

The portable mini music player stick that you had been waiting for is now back in stock and available on our site. Only 10 pieces are available. Buy soon before stocks run out.

We appreciate your patience and so here's 5% off. 

To unlock the discount, buy it today!

Buy now

Example 2

Hey John,

The electric kettle you wanted in red color is now available on

Head to our site now and buy it today at a 10% discount. 

Hurry, only 3 red pieces available.

Buy now

9. Product review request

Buying electronic items is a big investment and customers make sure they buy the best. More than 90% of consumers read reviews before they buy electronic items. And so, it’s a must for you to ask customers to share reviews of products they bought from you.

Example 1

Hola Mathew,

We hope you’re liking your new PIX video camera. We’d love to know what you think of the camera. Please share a few lines of review. In return, enjoy a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Write review now

Example 2

We’ve been waiting to hear from you, Ken.

Please write a review of the new electric barbecue grill you bought from our store recently.

Click this link to write a review and unlock a $100 gift voucher.

10. Request feedback on service

As soon as you complete a servicing session for your customers, you should ask for their feedback. Since their experience is fresh, the chances of them sharing feedback are higher. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp broadcasting for the same.

Example 1

Hi Sam,

We hope the servicing session for your ChillCool Cooler was satisfactory. Please rate your experience:

5   Excellent 

4   Good

3   Nice

2   Bad

1   Horrible

0   Skip

Example 2

Hello Ronan,

You’ve recently booked a service session on our site. How likely are you to recommend our site to your friends.

11. Product pre-launch

Consumers are crazy about electronics. Many await the launch of new products eagerly. For your ecommerce store, this is a great opportunity to pre-launch a new product. That way, you can get a sense of consumers’ response to it.


Hey Glen,

Something’s coming! We’re the first to launch the all new DDVF Smart Phone that everyone’s been talking about. 

We’ve pre-launched it on our site for you to have a look and read all the details.

Have a look at it here (add link)

Want to know more about the phone?

Contact us.

Ready to kick start your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns?

If you’re an electronics ecommerce store, we’ve made your start into WhatsApp broadcast marketing really easy. The above ideas and templates can give you a good start.

If you’re new to WhatsApp for Business, sign up on Interakt today

Looking for more inspiration? Head over to our next lesson to check out how other industries can use WhatsApp broadcasts.

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