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WhatsApp for Real Estate: WhatsApp Chatbot Use Cases for Better Conversion at Lower Costs

WhatsApp as a popular and reliable channel for eCommerce has started to become stable in all the major eCommerce industries. It is now finding its way through to many business use cases- even the real estate segment.
This blog will look into how WhatsApp Business and its exceptional tools can be used in the world of real estate business with the help of the WhatsApp Business API.


Why Use WhatsApp for a Real Estate Business?

Instant Response Time
By employing WhatsApp in marketing for real-estate businesses, you can instantly respond to customers and their queries, without them having to lose their precious time to know more or find details about a project.

24/7 Availability
WhatsApp unlocks new possibilities for your business’s customer service by allowing you to be accessible to customers anytime any day. Besides your hands-on support team, you can set up customer service chatbots to deal with customer queries round the clock.

Multilingual Service
WhatsApp is compatible with all the major languages, which allows customer support to be localized and hence more effective. You can provide customer service in multiple languages using the WhatsApp Business API and also set up a shared inbox with the help of a service provider like Interakt to manage conversations effectively.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity
WhatsApp Business is a more effective medium for connecting with customers owing to the casual and organic nature of the channel. With many customers using WhatsApp, it is one of the ideal platforms for business, with great potential for increased efficiency, better productivity, and growth.

Fewer Missed Leads
With better open rates, you are more likely to reach your prospects and promote your business with WhatsApp, than you are with traditional marketing channels. Your connection with customers will be more engaging and meaningful, and fewer leads will be lost. Statistics have shown that WhatsApp messages see a 98% open rate; the highest compared to other channels.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Owing to how you can respond immediately to customer queries and provide support round the clock, customers will find your support and services more reliable and satisfactory.

How to Use WhatsApp for Real Estate?

Real estate companies usually need a channel that can generate, convert and retain customers, in an easy, effective manner. WhatsApp is one great answer to that. Here are a few WhatsApp use cases in real estate eCommerce businesses.

To Generate Leads:
As getting leads is the first step in any business, the earliest impression about your business can impact how the potential deal further progresses. You can find and reach out to prospective buyers, collect their info and take your business relationship with WhatsApp. A message like the one below can be sent to interested customers.
“Hey there. We are glad to know that you are interested in one of our villas. There are a lot more property options that we invite you to explore.”

Qualify Leads:
When a customer begins to show interest, you should try to understand where the customer is in their purchase journey, and check whether they qualify as a worthy lead to follow. You can use chatbots with follow-up questions designed to determine the value of customers and identify their needs from the get-go.
“Hello {NAME}. It seems like you are interested in owning a flat. We can help you find the right property. To begin with, can you tell us what your budget might be?”

Answer Routine Questions:
For any eCommerce business, there will always be a set of questions that pop up very often in customer queries, which can be answered easily. You can use WhatsApp chatbots to answer such frequently asked questions, taking the load off of your support team, and allowing them to focus on other tasks.
“Hey there! Thank you for reaching out to us for support. For queries related to deposits type ‘1’. For queries related to Rental services type ‘2’.”

Handoff Qualified Leads or Complex Queries to Agents:
If you have found a qualified, high-value lead who needs follow-up or is faced with a complex query that cannot be handled by chatbots, your human agents can step in and take it from there.
“Hey {NAME}. Thank you for reaching out to us. Our support agent will contact you shortly, and answer any queries you might have.”

Help Leads Search for Property:
You can use WhatsApp to aid your prospects in finding the right property for them. Do this by asking more specific questions relating to location, size, pricing, etc, and filtering the best options for them. Here is an example;
“Hey {NAME}! How many bedrooms do you need in your new apartment?”

Give Virtual Tours:
VR is becoming a significant marketing tool in real estate eCommerce, considering how it can offer a simulated visual experience of any property. You can send WhatsApp messages with links to VR tours of properties that customers might be interested in.
“Hello {NAME}! If you would like to check out the Deluxe 2BHK Suburban Villa, here is a link to a VR tour of the property.”
Alternatively, if you have videos, lookbooks, or pictures of the property, you can send them to interested buyers on WhatsApp.

Submit Properties for Sale:
Using WhatsApp for real estate eCommerce helps not just buyers. It can also improve the seller experience significantly by allowing them to submit the info needed to advertise and sell their property.
“Hello there! Your property ad is live on our website now. Provide us with photos to increase the probability of finding the best deals out there.”

Book Appointments:
With WhatsApp API integrated with your calendar, you can let customers book a viewing appointment, cross-check available time slots and confirm bookings. Have a look at this example:
“Hey there. We would like to let you know that the 2BHK flat in Raidurg, Hyderabad is available for viewing between 1:00 PM AND 3:00 PM tomorrow.”

Confirm Visits:
After a prospect has scheduled a viewing appointment, the next thing to do is to confirm the booking and remind them of the appointment. This way you can not only remind customers about their appointments but also remind them to cancel if they are unable to come, making the time slot available for other customers to book a viewing.
“Hey {NAME}. You have scheduled a viewing tomorrow at 10:00 PM at {Address}. Can you confirm the booking?”

Submit Documents:
As WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, customers can submit necessary documentation safely in the span of seconds. This streamlines and also optimizes the speed of buy and sell processes in real estate.
“Hello {NAME}! You can now submit your documentation including your income statement and valid ID via WhatsApp! Thank you!”

Payment Reminders:
You can utilize WhatsApp to remind customers about upcoming payments like rent, service fees, or EMI, reducing the chance of customers losing track of important payments. And the best thing is that you can maintain a human touch while doing so.
“Hello {NAME}. Your next EMI installment of {AMOUNT} comes up tomorrow. For more info on payment feel free to contact us.”

Post-Sales Support:
WhatsApp is an excellent support tool that comes with minimal cost. E-commerce real estate businesses can use it to provide exceptional customer support even after completing a sale and provide answers and solutions to any queries that a customer might have.
“Hey {NAME}. Thank you for trusting us to find your new home! Feel free to reach out to us with any post-sale queries. We are always happy to help!”

Use WhatsApp to Grow your Real Estate Business Cost-Effectively!

WhatsApp makes for a friendly and comfortable space to provide exceptional customer support while remaining cost-effective. By employing WhatsApp chatbots you can significantly smoothen the way business is conducted and strategically improve conversion rates.
You can improve the timeliness of your messages and instantly respond to customers by setting up smart automation using a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like Interakt.
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