Running Surveys on Whatsapp How to Set Up a Customer Feedback Campaign

WhatsApp Surveys: How to Set Up a Customer Feedback Campaign | Interakt

Everyone has been talking about using WhatsApp Business to effectively conduct sales, marketing, and support functions. WhatsApp does facilitate all these things for eCommerce businesses, but it doesn’t stop there. What if we told you that WhatsApp can be also used to get to know your customers better?

With the help of WhatsApp Business API solution providers like Interakt, you can easily set up surveys to provide yourself with essential insight into your customers. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about it.

What are Surveys and How Do They Benefit Your Business?

A relationship survey or a customer satisfaction survey, in eCommerce, is a tool designed to help a business understand customers, their relationship with the brand, and their level of satisfaction. It is most often designed in the form of a questionnaire.

Here are some ways in which running a survey can benefit your business-
Surveys are a great way to receive valuable feedback.
Can help determine aspects of your business that need improvement.
Helps you understand customers and determine their choices, interests, and preferences. This, subsequently lets you identify trends from your survey reports.
Surveys are a great way to engage with customers, which helps you to retain existing customers.
Running a survey, by showing that you care about them, helps improve customer loyalty.
Helps reduce negative word-of-mouth publicity by discovering how and what makes consumers happy.
Surveys can help you provide a better customer experience.
Besides micro-level questions, surveys can also give a general understanding of where the market is moving towards.

For running surveys, long emails may not be the right way to go, and might not bring you many responses. Surveys are usually considered lengthy, so you need a simpler and more seamless medium for this.
This is where WhatsApp can work its magic owing to its conversational nature.
A survey running on WhatsApp can carry over the same quality, making it more likely to pull in responses.

How to Set Up Surveys on WhatsApp?

Segment your Customers

Firstly, you need to segment your customers so that the right questions are asked to the right customer. Surveying the ones who are yet to buy from you is different from surveying customers who buy from you every month. The two segments should be asked different questions designed specifically for them.

For example, for someone who buys from you regularly, you can pose questions like-
“On a scale of 0-5, how satisfied are you with your overall experience with us?”
“How often do you shop from our website?”

But for someone new, the following questions might be more appropriate and relevant-
“Did you find our website easy for you to navigate through?”
“Do you find our product pricing reasonable?”

Sign-up with a WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider

You will need automation to guide your customer through the survey questions and collect information. There are some great solutions for this out there, guaranteeing a smooth-running survey.
A WhatsApp Business API solution provider like Interakt can do the trick here, helping you set up automated surveys on WhatsApp and collect valuable information.

Decide on Your Goal for the Survey

A survey can be used for various ends. So, you need to identify what ends or what insights are you planning to derive from the survey and then double down on it.
E-commerce surveys can derive a large plethora of insight types depending on how you design them. A post-delivery feedback survey will be designed with survey questions that are intended to collect feedback related to customers’ experience using the product, quality of the product, delivery, etc.
You can derive insights into what prevented customers from completing a purchase or led them to abandon their carts. A generic feedback survey can be designed if you need insights on your website’s usability, functionality, overall design, etc. as perceived by your visitors/customers. Surveys can also be designed specifically with customer support feedback in mind, and ideally, send it out after someone has reached out and availed customer support.

Chalk out Your Questions

After having decided on the intent behind the survey, you need to chalk out what questions you want to ask your customers. Here are a few examples of eCommerce survey questions-
“What are the problems that you identified with our product?”
“What features from our website would you not miss if we were to take them away?”
“On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate our customer service?”
“How satisfied are you with your last purchase?”
“How did you find our website?”
“How likely are you to suggest our brand to a friend?”
“On a scale of 0-5, how would you rate your checkout experience?”
“How responsive was our customer support team?”
“What changes would you like to see on our website?”
“Would you buy from us again in the future?”

Make sure that your questions are concise and streamlined to meet the purpose. Even though the idea is to be conversational, keep in mind that the chat should not feel like a drag.

Use WhatsApp Interactive Messages

Interactive messages on WhatsApp lets users easily navigate the options given in messages, and select their choices. List messages can offer a menu with up to 10 options while messages with reply buttons can be used where quick responses are needed, with up to 3 options. Interactive messages provide a richer, more simplified experience when navigating through the survey.

With reply buttons and list messages, customers don’t have to type out much of their answers, which can help make responding to your survey much easier for them. You can do this with Interakt which leverages the WhatsApp Business API to help you craft surveys with interactive messages to make things simpler.

Run The Campaign, Monitor Responses, and Optimize

After having crafted a strategic survey questionnaire, it’s time to run it and collect responses. Your business can grow, only when you optimize and tweak your strategies often, to meet your customer’s expectations. Interakt provides you with an analytic dashboard that will let you track your campaign and monitor the responses that you receive.

Don’t Miss Out on Valuable Insights from Customers!

Surveys are a crucial inside look into what the eCommerce customer really wants, with the answers coming straight from them. They are also a key tool in finding weak and strong points in your business, allowing you to build and grow your business accordingly.
Interakt can help you set up strategic and efficient eCommerce surveys on WhatsApp, with tools and analytics to make the process easier.

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