Want to announce an upcoming sale, ongoing offer or a policy change that impacts your customers? 

It’s time to send bulk messages on WhatsApp.

Now before we begin, it’s important to know that both WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API support bulk messages. However, if you want to send a bulk message to more than 256 contacts, you will need the WhatsApp Business API – which is also a preferred option for fast-scaling businesses.

But to put the WhatsApp Business API features to use, you will need a WhatsApp Business solution provider like Interakt.


What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

WhatsApp bulk messages are an effective channel of communication for businesses to contact leads and existing customers. Bulk messages on WhatsApp resemble the usual messages, but come with an unlimited number of characters that can be used to highlight the value of a campaign. They can also include videos and images.

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Top 3 Limitations of Sending Bulk messages from WhatsApp Business App

When your business scales, the volume of messages to be sent increases. WhatsApp Business App won’t adhere to a higher volume of messages which increases the possibility of your WhatsApp Business account getting banned. Here’s a list of most common limitations by WhatsApp Business App to avoid while sending bulk messages on WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Business App has a limit to the number of messages to be shared per day to prevent spamming. 

2. WhatsApp adheres to strict policies and guidelines on the use of bulk messaging in an attempt to maintain its credibility and users integrity and privacy.

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3. Sending a high volume of bulk messages results in spamming and suspension of account to avoid the risk of ban and seamless customer communication it is better to keep WhatsApp Business API at use

With the basics in place, let’s get to the part of sending bulk messages on WhatsApp.


4 Step To Send Bulk Messages On WhatsApp without Getting Banned

Follow this simple 4-step guide to send bulk messages on WhatsApp without saving contact. 

Note: To avoid getting banned by WhatsApp make sure you have already chosen a WhatsApp Business API solution provider, as mentioned earlier.

1. Import a contact list

The first step to send WhatsApp bulk messages is to import a contact list to the WhatsApp Business API solution provider’s platform.

While importing contacts, make sure that all the contact phone numbers are in the international format with country and area codes in the CSV file.

2. Create a message template

Message templates need to be approved by WhatsApp before you send a bulk message on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Business API solution provider you choose should ideally help you create and submit message templates.

Remember, if you want to make your bulk message more effective, you need to make it engaging. You can set up an WhatsApp API interactive message template that contains a call-to-action or quick reply button, or a multimedia message template that supports text, images, videos and PDF files.

Once your message template gets approved, it’s time to use and send a WhatsApp bulk message.

3. Compose your WhatsApp bulk message

Using the approved message template, customize the placeholders. Ensure you keep your message crisp and clear, focusing on what you want to promote and the action you want the recipient to take.

Make use of the formatting options available on WhatsApp to structure your messages well, and highlight the important parts. This includes the ability to bold or strikethrough words in the message.

Also remember to add multimedia to make your WhatsApp bulk message visually engaging, along with emojis.

4. Send or schedule your bulk message

To send a bulk WhatsApp message or schedule it at a specific day and time, you will need to set up a broadcast message campaign through your WhatsApp Business API solution provider. Make sure you name the bulk message clearly if you intend to send more campaigns in the coming period.

Remember to use tags to send targeted WhatsApp bulk messages. The higher the context of your bulk messages, the more likely a customer is to convert on your bulk message campaign.

Ready to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?


Yes. By offering opt-in’s following WhatsApp’s terms of service and regulation it is possible to send bulk messages with WhatsApp.

How can I send bulk messages on WhatsApp without being blocked?

With WhatsApp Business API providers companies can send bulk messages at once. Additionally they’ve to follow WhatsApp policies, monitor sending patterns, and offer opt-out options. With this bulk messages can be sent without risking of getting blocked.

Can I send bulk messages on WhatsApp without saving number?

Yes with WhatsApp Business API like Interakt you can send bulk messages without saving numbers. Interakt allows for efficient messaging to large audiences while maintaining privacy and following WhatsApp’s compliance.

Can I view sent bulk messages on WhatsApp?