As a business, you might be using Google Sheets to record certain customer-specific events like new orders, bookings, appointments, etc. 

You might also need to send out automatic WhatsApp messages to your customers as soon as the record gets created in the sheet. The best part is, you can now do it very easily via Interakt. 


What are the best practices for effective Google Sheet Integration with Interakt?

1. Simply create a Google sheet with these mandatory columns.

create a Google sheet with these mandatory columns

I.D. for the rows should be 1,2,3 and so on. The phone number value should mandatorily exclude the country code. 

2. The column titles in this sheet should NOT contain any spaces.

3. Include columns for extra info of the contact like email, ID,City etc. is always recommended.

4. Think of a name for the event upon which a contact or a row is added in the sheet like, order placed, appointment booked, sign-up completed, etc.

5. Give the event in the Google form. In the Google Sheets, include columns for more details of the event that has happened. Like, for an order placed event there would be columns like order number, order value etc. 

6. Add [email protected] as an editor in the Google sheets.

7. In the Google form, give your name, email ID, company name and Google Sheets Link. Also, mention what other things apart from ID, name, phone number and country code you’ve included in the sheet for the contact.

For example, in the above sheet specific to the contact, we have an additional columns. The columns, order number, order value and product name contains more details of the event “order placed”

8. Go to Interakt’s developer settings and copy your secret key and paste it into the form. image6

We will make the integration live within 1-2 working days. After the integration is live, whenever a new row is added in the sheet, the contact will get created on Interakt automatically. Also, the event given in this form along with event details given in the sheet, will be sent to Interakt automatically for that contact.


How to setup an automatic WhatsApp notification with Google Sheet integration using Interakt? 

You will need to create an ongoing campaign on Interakt, where the trigger is set on the event which is given in this form.


You can select the particular event in the campaign only after the integration is live. Also, remember to map the event’s details to the variables or placeholders in the template that you set in the campaign to be sent for the event.


For example, in the below image, you’re looking to send an order confirmation WhatsApp message as soon as an order is placed, i.e. as soon as a new row is added in our Google Sheet, for every customer, we would want to send the respective order number order value and product name.


After setting the campaign live on Interakt, whenever a new row is added in your Google Sheet, the notification will be automatically sent to the customer.

You can also see the stats of how many messages were sent, delivered, read, replied, or failed by clicking on the set campaign.

Hope this article helps you in integrating your Google Sheets with Interakt’s automated notifications campaign. For any further queries, please feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp.