The Billing Details section on Interakt gives a complete report on your current plan, usage history, payment details, credits earned and more.

In this module, we’re going to look at each tab in this section.

Invoice History & Subscription Details


manage your billing1


Interakt now lets you decide who gets to access the billing section by assigning permissions to your teammates for each of the three roles on Interakt. To know more about this, watch our video on WhatsApp team Settings.

To access the billing details section, you will have to go to the settings icon on your Interakt dashboard and click on Billing Details.

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The first tab is the invoice history tab – here you get to view all the invoices that have been billed to your account.

In this tab, you get to see the invoice for your subscription plan, which includes the monthly subscription fees that you’ve paid to Interakt based on the plan that you chose, and the usage charges based on how many unique users you interacted with in the given billing cycle.


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You also get to see the WhatsApp Notifications Invoice here which is based on how many notifications you send every month.


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These invoices are also available for download in PDF format.

If you ever have any invoice for which the payment did not get automatically deducted from your default card then you can make the payment for such an invoice here itself.

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Next, we’re going to take a look at the Subscription details tab. Under this tab, you get to see the date on which you will be billed every month. This depends on the date on which you started your Interakt subscription – so if it is on the 10th of March, you will be billed on the 10 of every month.


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Under the Current Subscription Plan, you can view the details of the plan that you have subscribed for and you can also see that your account is currently active.


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Now if you’d like to know more about WhatsApp Business API pricing structure and WhatsApp’s notifications charges, then you can click on ‘Learn more’ – you will then be directed to our FAQs which will give you a detailed breakup of the charges.


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Under the payment method, you get to see the default card that is currently being used for all your payments. You can even add a new card if you wish to and change your default payment option.

Below this, there is button to initiate cancellation of your subscription with Interakt

Usage History

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In the Usage History tab you can track the usage of notifications and unique users that you’ve acquired on a daily basis.

The billing on Interakt depends on two main factors which are – the notifications that you send out and the unique users or contacts that you acquire. In this tab, you can view the daily count for each of these two features.


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Under the notifications tab, you can see the daily count of Notifications that you send out. This count includes any WhatsApp template that is being sent out directly from the Inbox or as a part of a campaign.

The count that you see to the right corner, is an upper limit that includes all the notifications that you have sent out in this period. Your actual bill will be equal to the count of notifications shown here or less than this count but not beyond this.

You will be billed only for those notifications that were sent outside the active 24-hour window with a user.


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Now similarly, in the Unique Users tab you will see the count of unique users that are added every day.

To the right corner, you get to view the total number of active monthly contacts for which you will be charged for as per the subscription plan. An active monthly contact is defined as a user with which you have at least one successfully delivered incoming or outgoing message.

Credits & Organization Details


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In the Credits section, you will get to view any credits that you have earned on Interakt. Currently, you can redeem your credits only against your WhatsApp Notifications Invoice.

This section shows the dates on which the credit was added to your account and the invoices against which your credits were redeemed. Along with that, you also get to see the amount that was credited and the balance that is remaining here.


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The last tab is the Organization details page where you get to view and edit your business and Tax details as required.

The business email Id that you add here will receive all the billing-related communications from Interakt.