Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to help businesses manage and streamline their interactions with customers and prospects. Salesforce offers a suite of tools for sales, customer service, marketing, and analytics, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement and optimizing business processes. Its innovative approach, characterized by seamless integration, real-time data accessibility, and scalability, has made Salesforce a leader in the CRM industry. Businesses of all sizes use Salesforce to gain insights, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth through effective data management and automation.

Integrating Salesforce with Interakt can significantly enhance your customer relationship management by combining the robust CRM capabilities of Salesforce with the customer engagement tools of Interakt.

Key Benefits of Salesforce and Interakt Integration

• Enable automatic synchronization of customer data, contacts, and communication logs between Salesforce and Interakt, guaranteeing real-time updates on both platforms.

• Effortlessly send predefined WhatsApp templates whenever a new contact, deal, or ticket is created or updated, ensuring prompt and consistent communication.

• Automate repetitive tasks, such as creating/updating contacts in Salesforce from Interakt conversations or updating customer information across both platforms.

Steps to Integrate Salesforce with Interakt

1. Sign Up and Login: Ensure you have active accounts on Salesforce & Interakt. If you have an existing Interakt account, click here to Login and head over to Integrations section.

2. Select Salesforce: In Integration section, select Salesforce and proceed ahead. 

3. Select the Workflow Template: Choose the available Template Workflows and install the same

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4. Connect Salesforce and Interakt: Once you have installed the Workflow, then click on Edit Settings


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• Salesforce: Authenticate your account by providing the necessary API keys or credentials.

• Interakt: Authenticate your account similarly.

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5. Flow Configuration: Once both are authenticated, click on Flow Configuration & Map the relevant data fields between Salesforce and Interakt to ensure that the information is transferred correctly. For example, map the “Full Phone Number”, “Template name”, and other details.

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6. Activate & Test the Workflow: Activate the workflow to enable real-time synchronization and automation. Test the workflow to ensure that the integration is working as expected. Create a test contact/deal/ticket in Salesforce and verify that it gets created on Interakt or sends out the template via Interakt as intended.

Sample Workflows to choose from

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Configuration Settings for different use-cases

When a Contact  Entry is Created/Updated on Salesforce CRM, Create/Update user on Interakt

Map the fields as per your requirements to sync the required data on Interakt

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When a Contact/Account/Opportunity Entry is Created/Updated on Salesforce CRM, Send a Template via Interakt 

Map the fields as per your requirements to sync the data from Zoho and send it across via Interakt Template

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