WhatsApp Business API Pricing
WhatsApp Business API Pricing Structure - Interakt

WhatsApp Business API Pricing Structure - Interakt

Interakt’s pricing model is transparent, and simple.

First of all, you get a 14 day free trial of the platform, without providing any credit card details. And then, you can choose to purchase a subscription plan once your free trial has ended.

Interakt’s Pricing structure is made up of two components:

• Subscription charges - based on the plan you choose for your business. This is charged by Interakt.

• WhatsApp conversation charges - based on the conversations between your business and the user. This is charged by WhatsApp and we extend the same to you.

Let’s talk about the subscription plans first. Interakt offers 2 subscription plans for every business need.

Interakt Subscription Plans

Starter Plan
- consists of features such as the Shared Team Inbox, Automated Bulk Notifications, Whatsapp widget, Green Tick Verification, etc. The monthly subscription charges for the starter plan is Rs.999 that comes with unlimited conversations with upto 2000 active contacts per month.

Growth Plan - contains all of the starter plan features and additional functionalities such as WhatsApp commerce, Chat Automation, Conversation Analytics, etc. The monthly subscription charge is Rs.2499 and comes with unlimited conversations with upto 3500 active contacts per month.

Now you would notice the difference in the number of monthly active contacts allowed for both these plans. So, what is an active monthly contact?

An active contact is defined as a user with which you have at least one successfully delivered incoming or outgoing message.

Whenever your business sends a message to the users for the first time using a WhatsApp template, or whenever a user reaches out to your business for the first time, it is counted as one active contact. You can have unlimited chats with an active monthly contact and it will not impact your billing. The active contact limit of 2000/3500 is reset every billing cycle for both the plans. The billing cycle is a span of 30 days from the date you started your Interakt subscription.

Please note: If you exceed the limit of active contacts in one billing cycle which is greater than 2000 for the starter plan and greater than 3500 for the growth plan, the additional charges will be applicable, which is:

• INR 1 per active contact, till you reach the limit of 10,000 active contacts in a month.

• INR 0.5 (50 paisa) per active contact, once you have crossed 10,000+ active contacts in a month

At Interakt, there is no minimum commitment period. If you wish to deactivate your Interakt account, you may inform us prior to your renewal and your request will be processed within one business day.

Click here to understand all the benefits and features of both these plans in detail.

WhatsApp Conversation charges

WhatsApp has now switched from a notification-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model. Instead of being charged for notifications, businesses will now be charged as per conversations. Here, a conversation is considered as a set of all the messages delivered within a 24-hour period.

These conversations fall under 2 categories:

• User initiated conversation like customer care or support queries from users

• Business initiated conversation like post-purchase notifications or order updates.

Both these conversations are charged based on the country code of the recipient. However, the first 1,000 conversations will be free every month. These free conversations can either be business-initiated or user-initiated conversations. It will help your business in building delightful shopping experiences for your customers without having to pay during your initial conversations.

Once you have used your free limit of 1000 conversations, then only the standard conversation charges will be applicable to your business account.

Now, let’s understand these conversation charges:

WhatsApp charges for Indian numbers: 48 paisa for business-initiated conversations and 29 paisa for user-initiated conversations. For country wise WhatsApp Charges, click here

Business initiated conversations are charged when the conversation is initiated by the business itself, without the user messaging first.. However, businesses can send unlimited messages in the 24-hour conversation period and it will be charged as one business-initiated conversation.

Let’s take an example here: If you send one notification to your customers via Interakt, it is chargeable as one business-initiated conversation if your customer has not responded to your WhatsApp number in the last 24 hours. Any message sent after that is free of cost.

In short, if you pay for the WhatsApp notification cost only for that first message and all incoming or outgoing messages after that within the 24 hours from the first message are free.

Similarly, user-initiated conversations are charged when the business replies to a user-initiated conversation, and there is no limit on the number of messages exchanged within the 24-hour conversation period. You will still be charged for only one conversation.

In simple words, you get charged only when you send a message to your users from your end or reply to the user-initiated messages. However, the charges are applicable only when you have consumed your free quota of 1000 conversations.

Learn more about WhatsApp conversation-based pricing on Facebook

Wrapping Up

Interakt’s overall pricing structure includes your subscription plan charges, the WhatsApp conversations bill, and the additional user charges, if applicable. The great thing is that we will continue to exclude any surcharge on the WhatsApp bill and you will still be charged on your actuals.

Hope this article helped you understand Interakt’s monthly subscription plans, WhatsApp’s standard conversation charges, and the complete pricing structure of getting started with this platform.

For any other queries, simply send a WhatsApp text to our team, and we will be right there to help you out. Get started with Interakt today, and supercharge your business, by growing your online sales on WhatsApp.

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