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Engage users with interakt’s WhatsApp templates.

Keep your users engaged and informed with WhatsApp templates on interakt.

In this module, we'll look at how you can create WhatsApp message templates and get them approved. Here are the two features that we will cover:

How To Create WhatsApp Templates?
How To Manage Templates?


How To Create WhatsApp Templates

• WhatsApp templates are pre-approved WhatsApp messages that can be sent as notifications to users who might not have spoken to you in the last 24 hours on your WhatsApp number.

These templates also come with special formatting options like CTA buttons and quick replies. You can send a pre-approved template by clicking on the Templates icon in the composer section.

• To create templates, you can either go to the templates icons in the composer section and click on ‘Create Template’. Or just head to the panel on the left-hand side of the inbox and click on the Template icon which is the fourth from the top. 

You will then be directed to the above screen, where you can view all the templates that you have created, filter them out via name or status and even toggle between the active and deleted ones.

• To create a template, you first need to pick a suitable name for the template and then choose a relevant category. If you’re unsure about this, you can go with the commonly used category of ‘Alert Update’.

interakt also lets you pick out the language in which you want to send the message in.

• A template has four sections - the header, body, footer and buttons. Other than the body of the template, all other fields are optional.

• Though the header is an optional field, if you would like to include a media file in your template, then you will have to define that in the header. interakt lets you add photos, videos and documents to the header.

You can just host the media on a public website like https://imagekit.io/ and then insert the URL in the template before you send it out.

• In case you’re planning to use only text in the header, interakt also lets you add a variable to the header to make it personalized for the user.

• In the body of the template, you can add any number of variables which will later be substituted with user information like name, email ID or phone number.

• You can then choose to add a relevant footer to your template.

• In the buttons section you can choose to keep your button as a Call To Action (CTA) or a Quick Reply. Under each option, you can add more than 1 button.  

a. CTA as a button: You can make it a CTA with a website which will direct your user to a browser or you can add a contact number which will then direct your user to a dialer app. For a website, you can choose from a static URL or a dynamic URL. The dynamic URL is where you can add variables to the base URL. 

b. Quick Reply as a button: You can also add a Quick Reply in this section and enable your users to respond a lot faster to your message.

How To Manage Templates

• To be able to send out a WhatsApp template, you need to first get it  approved by WhatsApp. In the templates dashboard, you need to hit the ‘Synchronize’ button to submit a template to WhatsApp for approval.

• A template once approved will appear with a green dot. The approval by WhatsApp’s AI takes place instantly i.e, within 30-60 seconds.

If you continue to see an orange dot then this means that the template has gone into manual review, and this could take up to 6-12 hours. This usually happens if the content is promotional. As per WhatsApp’s policy, WhatsApp recommends sending only transactional notifications to the user. So ensure that the context of your message is clear to the user and avoid sending outright promotional messages.

If your template was rejected, you will get to see a red dot here. If you would then want to understand more on what went wrong, you can just reach out to our support team via WhatsApp on +91 70215 12345 and we would be happy to assist you.

• Once your template is approved, it will be available in interakt’s Inbox and the Notifications Centre to send to your users. Once you choose the approved template that you want to send out, you will then get a grid as shown in the above image to map all the variables that your template has. 

You need to now replace the variables in the message with respective details. 

In case you don’t have the required value available in the drop-down under Values, then you can just click on ‘Fallback Value’ in the Values box and assign a static value to that particular variable in the Fallback Value box.

Fallback Values are mandatory to define - for instance if a variable may not be available for a particular user then interakt automatically replaces it with the given fallback value.

• You can then check the preview and send out the template. As shown in the above image - this is how a template will appear to your user on the user’s WhatsApp chat screen.

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