In recent years, WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for businesses to connect with their customers, thanks to its user-friendly interface, instant messaging capabilities, and broad user base. However, with numerous WhatsApp Business platform alternatives available in the market, choosing the right one that meets your business needs can be overwhelming. 

To help you make an informed decision, this blog post will help you explore the top 5 alternatives for Aisensy, and compare their features, benefits, and pricing with other WhatsApp Business providers in the market. So, whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, keep reading to find the best alternative that suits your business needs. First of all, let’s understand the features, pricing, and limitations of Aisensy.

What is Aisensy?

Like other WhatsApp Business solution providers, Aisensy is a no-code WhatsApp engagement platform that utilizes the official WhatsApp Business API, enabling businesses to reach customers via WhatsApp. Once your application is approved by WhatsApp, you can begin sending messages through Aisensy to your WhatsApp audience.


What are Aisensy’s unique features?

With Aisensy, businesses can access a WhatsApp marketing solution that allows for unlimited WhatsApp broadcasts, the automation of notifications for payments, abandoned carts, order confirmations, and delivery updates with bot-enabled support.


How much does Aisensy cost?

Pricing for the Aisensy platform starts at Rs. 999 per month for the Basic Unlimited Users plan, which includes unlimited messages to users, 10 tags, and 5 attributes. There is also a Pro plan available for Rs. 2399 per month, which includes additional features such as a broadcast scheduler, click-tracking, and up to 100 tags and 20 attributes. Aisensy also offers an enterprise plan that is customized based on specific client needs.


What are the limitations of Aisensy?

-> No Mobile App

-> Their team is still working on developing the automated messaging functionality, so it’s not entirely dependable yet.

-> Approvals for templates can take a considerable amount of time through their dashboard.

-> Currently, there are no apps available for merchants on the Shopify App store and only basic integration is possible.

-> The user interface could be enhanced to make it more user-friendly for beginners.

-> WhatsApp commerce feature to send multi-product catalogs is not available.

What are the top 5 Aisensy alternatives for WhatsApp Business?

#1 Interakt

Interakt, a Jio Haptik product & Official Meta Business Partner, is one of the top WhatsApp Business solution alternatives that enables businesses to manage customer conversations, increase sales, automate support & acquire more customers via WhatsApp.

Along with your run-of-the-mill WhatsApp features, it also offers a range of AI-powered WhatsApp features such as Smart Ads, AnswerBot, Concierge, etc., making it a one-stop solution for businesses.

With over 25000 leading brands onboard, Interakt has established itself as a leading player in the WhatsApp Business Platform space.


Top Interakts’ WhatsApp Business API Features:

a. Market:

Acquire new customers and re-engage existing ones with AI-powered Smart Ads and insightful WhatsApp campaigns:

• Click to WhatsApp Ads

Acquire more customers via WhatsApp Ads  using Interakt’s CTWA ads on Facebook and Instagram that have a “WhatsApp” button attached as the call-to-action, leading your customers to your WhatsApp chat.

Interakt now offers AI-powered CTWA ads called – Smart Ads, which can be created right on the Interakt platform with minimum efforts

• WhatsApp Broadcast

Use Interakt’s WhatsApp Notifications campaigns to send bulk promotional messages about offers, discounts, order alerts, etc. to customers & market your products directly on WhatsApp.

• Concierge

Interakt’s AI-powered Concierge recommends the best campaigns and cohorts for maximum returns, with insights on click-through rates (CTR) to optimize your strategies.


b. Answer

• WhatsApp CRM

Use Interakt’s dedicated Shared Team Inbox to respond to all your customer queries in real time and instantly provide instant resolution with quick replies, notification templates, rich media & more.

• AnswerBot

Streamline customer support with Interakt’s AnswerBot, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks.

• Unified Platform

Provide seamless support across WhatsApp and Instagram, catering to your customers’ preferred channels.

• Automated Workflows

Effortlessly design conversational flows that guide your customers through various processes like WhatsApp for appointment booking, new student registration, document collection, and more. Or leverage Interakt’s predefined, customizable templates to meet all your business needs, so there is no need to start from scratch!


c. Sell:

• WhatsApp Commerce

Start your own WhatsApp shop &  increase your daily orders by sending catalog messages to your customers directly to their WhatsApp chat.

• E-store Integration

Automatically sync your WhatsApp catalog with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Excel to boost conversions.

• WhatsApp Payments

Accept payments securely through WhatsApp Pay, offering a native and convenient shopping experience.

• Commerce Templates

Enhance the shopping experience by incorporating catalogs, Limited Time Offers, and Copy Code into templates, and seamlessly receive comprehensive order details via APIs.


d. Miscellaneous 

• OOTB Integration with 15+ Platforms

Enable seamless WhatsApp integration with Clevertap, Moengage, Webengage, Pabbly, CRMs, payment gateways, and business apps like Zoho, Google Sheets, Razorpay, PayU, Return Prime, etc., to use Interakt as a full-stack WhatsApp business solution.

• Template Library

Interakt’s WhatsApp Notification Library is Your one-stop destination for ready-to-use WhatsApp templates. No more creating content in a frenzy, just copy-paste the ready-to-use, engaging notification templates to send out festive greetings, promotional messages/order updates, and more on WhatsApp!


#2 Wati

WATI, owned by, is a WhatsApp business solutions provider and customer support tool that allows customers to get WhatsApp Business API and use a shared inbox for support. It also includes a chatbot builder to automate customer responses. WATI is best suited for B2C businesses looking to support customers exclusively on WhatsApp. The support team handles complete API integration and onboarding, while the team and user management features facilitate streamlined support. 

However, additional CRM tools are necessary for support on other platforms, and the flow builder requires an extra monthly fee. The pricing is INR 2380/- per month for the Standard Plan & INR 4760/- per month for the Professional Plan.

#3 Delight Chat

DelightChat provides an omnichannel helpdesk and WhatsApp chat solution for SME brands to improve their customer service with a conversation-first approach. It offers a unified inbox that supports WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Emails, and Live Chat, making it easier for businesses to manage all their customer support from one screen.

The platform currently only integrates with Shopify, but it is expected to integrate with other e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce soon. DelightChat has some limitations, including the lack of a mobile app for users, no user spamming feature to prevent unsolicited conversations, and no ongoing notification campaign feature.

DelightChat offers a free plan, and its paid plans start at $49 per month for the Startup Plan, $99 per month for the Scale Plan, and $299 per month for the Growth Plan. However, for growing startups or new businesses, these costs can be expensive in terms of customer support and we can try Delight Chat alternatives for WhatsApp Business API


#4 Business on Bot

BusinessonBot is a comprehensive WhatsApp solution for D2C brands that promise to provide end-to-end services. With 300+ D2C brands as clients, BusinessOnBot offers several benefits such as a complete WhatsApp shop, AI-powered customer support, and automatic pings to engage with customers. However, there are some limitations to the platform that businesses should be aware of.

One of the drawbacks of BusinessonBot is that it heavily relies on automation, which can lead to a lack of personalized customer support. Although the platform claims to provide automated support for FAQs and other customer queries, it may not always be able to address unique customer issues. Moreover, the complete automation of e-commerce processes may also make the platform less flexible in accommodating specific business requirements.

Another limitation of BusinessonBot is that its features may not be suitable for all types of D2C brands. While it may work well for smaller businesses with a limited customer base, larger enterprises with more complex operations may require a more customized and scalable solution. Additionally, businesses need to invest in training their staff to effectively manage and optimize the platform, which could incur additional costs.

There are other WhatsApp Business API service provider alternatives for businessonbot considering high subscription charges. The Starter Plan costs INR 4900/- per month, Pro Plan at INR 7800/- per month, & Business Plan at INR 14999/- per month. Businessonbot also offers custom-based pricing to their customers apart from these 3 plans.


#5 Bitespeed

Bitespeed is a customer communication tool for businesses looking for a cost-effective and efficient Aisensy competitors. It allows businesses to engage with their customers across multiple channels such as website chat, email, social media, and SMS. Bitespeed offers a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to respond to customer queries and resolve issues quickly.

One of the main advantages of using Bitespeed is that the platform offers several features such as canned responses, automatic responses, and personalized messages that can help businesses save time and increase efficiency. Bitespeed also provides advanced analytics to help businesses monitor the performance of their customer support team and make data-driven decisions. The tool offers detailed reports on response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction, which can help businesses improve their customer support processes and boost customer loyalty. 

However, Bitespeed can be an expensive alternative for D2C start-ups as its monthly subscription starts from $249 per month for Business Plan & $499 per month for Enterprise Plan.


Which is a better alternative – Aisensy or Interakt?

If we compare all the powerful sales, support & marketing automation features between these platforms while being less expensive, Interakt can still be a great choice among all the other alternatives available in the market. Let’s understand the difference between Aisensy and Interakt in the below table:

Aisensy vs Interakt


Wrapping Up

After comparing the above platforms, it’s clear that our #1 alternative, Interakt is the best option for businesses in terms of usage, affordability, and performance. Interakt offers a range of powerful automation features at a very reasonable price, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. 

Recognized as the leader and high performer by G2, Interakt has proven to be a reliable and trusted WhatsApp Business partner for D2C brands seeking to manage & automate their customer interactions on WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for a one-stop WhatsApp Business platform for your business, get started with Interakt’s 14-day free trial & witness the impact yourself.