How The Design Cart drives 20% of its business revenue through WhatsApp automation with Interakt

  Taking a traditional offline business online to establish an eCommerce model, comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest one that brands start to face from day zero is being able to communicate with their customers at different touch points.  But The Design Cart found a solution to it all.  About The Design […]

How Interakt helped Indian Ethnic Co. Improve Customer Service and Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Timeless classics, age-old traditions, and a contemporary approach is what roughly translates as the USP of Indian Ethnic Co. The founders, Hetal Desai (Chief Creative Designer) and Lekhinee Desai(Sales & Marketing), understood the demand & need for handloom, handcrafted products in the market and upscaling their business to meet the requirement. “We are basically into […]

How Zemé doubled their Customer Satisfaction Scores with Interakt

In the ripples of a fast-paced life, a lot of us forget to rely on the centuries-old solutions that stand relevant even today, either due to lack of time or due to lack of unadulterated resources. Zemé is a hair care brand that aims to bring forth age-old, traditional remedies to you. Each of these […]

How the WhatsApp Business Platform on Interakt helped All Things Baby Manage Better Customer Relationships

All Things Baby is a baby care e-commerce platform offering a host of essential products that a lot of Indian parents are looking out for. Not long ago, the only way to get a hold of these products was through kind gestures of family and friends who offered to bring back essential baby formula, diapers, […]

Discover How Jet Gems Witnessed a Surge in Revenues using Interakt

There is something about the glitz and the rawness of precious stones and metals that has one enchanted, isn’t there? Take a walk down memory lane and there may be one or more core memories associated with jewellery; for instance, the sound of an anklet or the shine of a necklace. Jet Gems, is an […]

Okhai Boosts Sales & Combats Shopping Cart Abandonment using the WhatsApp Business Platform on Interakt

When we think of ‘India’, we reflect on the colors, food, rich history, heritage and vibrant traditions that seeped and entwined into the existence of the country. It is not surprising to find glimpses of the legacy, richness, and diversity of our heritage woven into the spindles, molded into the potter’s clay, and captured in […]

Purple Panchi Witnessed a 20% Growth in AOV Using WhatsApp Business Platform via Interakt

Purple Panchi is a premium ethnic wear label that specializes in creating

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