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How the education sector is using WhatsApp Business Platform | Interakt

Since the pandemic, the education system, and the overall education sector has been evolving and adapting to the changing world. But one thing in the education sector that clings to its outdated ways and hasn’t yet been revolutionized is communication.

This much-needed revolution is what WhatsApp brings in, allowing students, teachers, and mentors to connect and communicate seamlessly.

But how can a chat app like WhatsApp be used as an educational tool? Let’s find out.

Why Use WhatsApp for Educational Purposes?

WhatsApp enables seamless and instant communication between students/parents and teachers/educational organizations.
WhatsApp is an ideal communication channel as it can perform well in areas with bad coverage.
Offers a low-cost communication solution for schools and areas where educators have limited resources.
Inspires a dynamic learning environment, encouraging interactions and learning outside of classrooms.
Provides a familiar and simple interface that students and staff can feel comfortable using.
Let’s have a look at how the education sector is using WhatsApp for various purposes.

WhatsApp for Education Marketing

Generating Leads

Students and parents are usually overwhelmed by the number of marketing messages and advertisements from educational organizations looking for prospective students. Using WhatsApp you can provide a human connection through direct communication, share curriculums, course descriptions, and attract prospects.
“Hey, Mark. Interested in joining our MJR College of Engineering? Check out the detailed course guide that we have attached for further information.”

Lead Qualification

After you acquire a lead, you need to locate them in the acquisition funnel, understand what courses they have in mind, and obtain all the necessary information to check whether the lead is worth following. WhatsApp Business API can be used to create chatbots to qualify leads in a natural and organic way.
“Hey, Naina. Thanks for reaching out to us. Are you looking for a Post Graduate level or Under Graduate level course?”

Engagement Campaigns

As a further nudge to convert customers, run engagement campaigns. Send out follow-ups with updates on events, and education-related news, and share gamified media content to keep the prospect interested.
“Hey, Veer! Considering a distance degree course? Have a look at the five major post-pandemic developments in Online Education!”

Customer Retention and Relationship Management

One major task that the education sector faces, like any other business, is minimizing churn rates. Using WhatsApp to improve the quality of communication can directly result in improved customer retention.
“Hello, Bill. Congrats! You are four months into your Photo Journalism Diploma course. On that note, here are some resources that would help you!”

Post-Study Re-Engagement

It is important to keep a consistent engagement with your customers even after they have successfully completed a course. This can help you enhance teaching quality, secure returning students, and even help conduct improved word-of-mouth marketing.
“Hello, Brian. We would be glad to have your presence at this year’s Alumni Annual Meet and Fundraiser for the Athletics Department!”

WhatsApp for Education Management

Application Process

With WhatsApp integrations, educational centers and institutions can digitalize major managerial/administrative processes more efficiently and organically.
“Hey, Rekha. Thank you for submitting your application for Introduction to Film Studies. We will be processing your application soon and will contact you within 2 weeks.”

Registration and Enrolment

When a student’s application gets approved, the next step is to take the student through the registration process. Students can submit their information and necessary documents to a WhatsApp Chatbot, which will store the submitted data in your system.
“Hello, Shruti. For completion of the registration process, we require you to submit your Previous year’s Mark Cards, Transfer Certificate, and Bonafide Certificate as scanned files in pdf format. Thank you!”

Student Support & FAQs

Using WhatsApp API, you can provide student support services and have chatbots answer FAQs on common issues that students might face.
“Hey, Max. Welcome to the ARD Student Support chat. What would you like information on?
1. Certification
2. Scholarship programs
3. Hostel and Accommodation
4. Fee details
5. Speak to our Live Agent.”

Timetable updates

Course schedules and updates on schedule changes are easier to share and are more likely to reach and get opened by students on WhatsApp, making it a perfect channel for situations where instant communication is needed.
“Good afternoon, Vaughn. The lecture on South Asian Diaspora Literature has been postponed from 11th March to 14th March.”

Announcements & Notifications

You can use WhatsApp API to share announcements about academic events like workshops, conferences, newly introduced courses, etc.
“Hi, John. Our department is conducting an International Conference discussing, Regional literature and Global Politics, in our Golden Jubilee Pavilion. You are cordially invited.”

Clubs and Extracurriculars

WhatsApp can be used to drive engagement for extracurricular activities and clubs in educational organizations, by creating official group chats as well as by sending interactive notifications.
“Hey, Jim. The Drama club is looking for newer faces to take the stage. All interested freshmen are invited to come to the auditions for Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.”

Signups, Registrations & Cancellations

For signups and registrations regarding any particular events, you can further modify your announcement messages, in a way that students only have to reply to confirm their sign-up.
“Regarding Ozone Day, we are conducting a webinar on ‘Environmental Activism in the Frontlines’ on Monday 19th September, at 4:00 PM. To register and save your seat, reply to this message.”

Collecting Feedbacks

Collecting feedback and conducting surveys are necessary for educational institutions to ensure student satisfaction. Using chatbots you can easily set up surveys and receive feedback on WhatsApp.
“Hello, Marcus. We care about your experience learning with us. Could you take 5 minutes to complete our feedback survey?”


WhatsApp for Teaching and Learning

Course Communications Using Notifications

The most obvious use of WhatsApp as a mobile communication channel for education has been to improve communication between students and teachers. WhatsApp can be used to send information, manage classes, share lessons and keep students updated on everything.
“Hey, Jyoti. Tomorrow’s lessons will require you to go through pages 9, 10, and 11 of your Worksheet.”

Accessibility to Learning Materials

Teachers and mentors can use WhatsApp class chats to easily make study materials accessible to students, by providing links, media, and documents.
“Good evening, students. Here are a few videos and learning materials for History 101. All the best for your exams.”

Community Building

WhatsApp group chats in educational institutions can play a great role in building a sense of community and creating a positive social experience for students, in a space they feel safe and comfortable in.
“Hey, Rajesh. We have provided you with an invite link to the Spanish 101 study group. We would love it if you’ll join.”


WhatsApp can promote a safer dialogue between teachers and students as well as between themselves. When using group chats when learning, students are encouraged to collaborate and work as a team, share information, and progress healthily in their educational journey.

Quizzes and Daily Challenges

WhatsApp bots will come in very handy for educators who plan to set up interactive quizzes or daily challenges. These are great strategies to keep the student engaged and interested in the learning process.
“Hey, Neeti. Flash Quiz! Who invented the light bulb? A) Thomas Edison B) Patrick Bateman C) Einstein”

Should You Use WhatsApp in the Education Sector?

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users globally and spans all age groups. Statistics show that 19% of people between the ages of 15-25 and 27% of people between the ages of 26-35 use WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is now a more natural and accessible communication channel, but to utilize its complete potential for the education sector, you need the WhatsApp Business API.
Use Interakt to leverage the WhatsApp Business API and set up smart automation to enhance the educational experience you provide.

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