Welcome to Interakt’s WhatsApp Notifications & Template guide. This WhatsApp Business solution helps you and your team to send personalized one time or recurring campaigns & broadcasts to engage your opted-in customers, build recall and boost sales. Unlike traditional forwards and group broadcast features, Interakt’s notification features help you send out personalized messages to 1000s of opted-in customers, also including those prospects, who might not have your number saved.

Moreover, Interakt’s Notifications & Template feature enables you set these notifications as an automated campaign such that they are only sent when certain trigger conditions are met. For example: you may want to send or schedule a WhatsApp message/notification to your customer, as soon as he places an order on your website.

You can also start or stop sending notifications, according to your campaign requirements, and track your campaign performance statistics in terms of messages being sent, delivered, red, replied, failed, or unqualified. With WhatsApp Notifications & Templates feature, you can easily measure your campaign performance, and analyze how effective it is running.

In this module, we’ll help you understand the process of sending and managing WhatsApp Business templates using Interakt’s platform solutions.

To send out automated bulk notifications and run them as campaigns, you might need WhatsApp Templates. WhatsApp templates are pre-approved WhatsApp messages that can be sent as notifications to your users/customers.

manage WhatsApp1

• To be able to send out a WhatsApp template, you need to first get it  approved by WhatsApp. In the templates dashboard, you need to hit the ‘Synchronize’ button to submit a template to WhatsApp for approval.

manage WhatsApp2

• A template once approved will appear with a green dot. The approval by WhatsApp’s AI takes place instantly i.e, within 30-60 seconds.‍
If you continue to see an orange dot then this means that the template has gone into manual review, and this could take up to 6-12 hours. This usually happens if the content is promotional. As per WhatsApp’s policy, WhatsApp recommends sending only transactional notifications to the user. So ensure that the context of your message is clear to the user and avoid sending outright promotional messages.

If your template was rejected, you will get to see a red dot here. If you would then want to understand more on what went wrong, you can just reach out to our support team via WhatsApp on +91 70215 12345 and we would be happy to assist you.

manage WhatsApp3

• Once your template is approved, it will be available in Interakt’s Inbox and the Notifications Centre to send to your users. Once you choose the approved template that you want to send out, you will then get a grid as shown in the above image to map all the variables that your template has.

You need to now replace the variables in the message with respective details.

In case you don’t have the required value available in the drop-down under Values, then you can just click on ‘Fallback Value’ in the Values box and assign a static value to that particular variable in the Fallback Value box.

Fallback Values are mandatory to define – for instance if a variable may not be available for a particular user then Interakt automatically replaces it with the given fallback value.

manage WhatsApp4

• You can then check the preview and send out the template. As shown in the above image – this is how a template will appear to your user on the user’s WhatsApp chat screen.

Hope this article helped you understand how to get started with Interakt’s WhatsApp Notifications & Template feature, how to send & manage templates, and what benefits does Interakt’s platform features drive to your business growth.