How to get more orders via Interakt’s WhatsApp Checkout Workflow?

With Interakt’s automated checkout workflow, you don’t need a website anymore to get orders from customers. Interakt now enables you to set up an automated checkout experience in your WhatsApp store itself. You can use Interakt’s automated checkout workflow to help customers place orders whenever they send WhatsApp carts to your number. In this article, […]

Step by step guide to start using Interakt’s WhatsApp Notifications

As a brand, you might want to proactively reach out to your users to engage with them for a myriad of reasons. It can surely get overwhelming to send these messages to your users one by one on WhatsApp. Today, you might be using traditional WhatsApp bulk messaging methods like forwards, broadcast lists or even […]

How to help your customers place orders on WhatsApp?

Once you have received a cart from the customer, it is crucial for you to close that sale. If you have a Shopify store, you can automatically convert the WhatsApp Cart into a Shopify Cart with the same products and configure it to be sent as an autoreply, so that the customer can then enter […]

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