CRM Integration with WhatsApp Business API: 5 Benefits | Interakt

Integrating your WhatsApp Business API account with a WhatsApp Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows instances to leverage information already contained in your CRM & have better customer conversations

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Interakt helps you to understand how to use WhastApp business API interactive message templates

Effective Tips to Boost Sales and Customer Service With WhatsApp Business API

From product showcasing, sending notifications or dealing customer queries using WhatsApp Business API as customer service will help in boosting sales.

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If you run a business be it small or larg

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WhatsApp Business API Pricing: All You Need To Know

Let’s first backtrack a bit here – in one of our recent articles, we explained the need for a WhatsApp Business Partner and how you can effectively choose a business partner. One of the key points to remember when choosing a WhatsApp partner is to pick one based on the utility they offer and at what price […]

How To Choose A WhatsApp Business Partner Wisely?

Have you decided to use WhatsApp Business

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For every business, sales is the fundamental

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