WhatsApp has become a staple in business communication, with brands and organizations using the platform to communicate with customers proactively. And as businesses scale and start dealing with more conversations, it becomes imperative to keep track of these conversations as well as the insights gained from them.


This is where WhatsApp API integration with CRM comes in. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to understand about WhatsApp API integration with CRM.


Is WhatsApp API integration to other CRMs possible?

Yes, if you’re using a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like Interakt, you can integrate to popular customer relationship management softwares easily. Doing so can help you streamline operations and manage customer interactions in a more centralized manner, leading to better collaboration within the team as well as external partners. 


Top 2 WhatsApp API integration use cases

By integrating your WhatsApp Business account directly with CRM, you can store information and reduce any errors or hindrances that normally crop up when using WhatsApp for business communication. Here are three major WhatsApp CRM use cases that can help you strengthen customer relationships:


1. Sending personalized WhatsApp Messages directly from the CRM software

By integrating your WhatsApp Business account with a CRM system, you will be able to use the contact record information and automatically personalize template messages that you send out with the first name of the customer. As customers today look for more meaningful interactions, personalization can enhance even your automated messages.

And you will be able to do this with minimal effort as a good CRM system will hence eliminate the need to find message templates, juggle between applications and insert contact information manually.


2. Send automated WhatsApp Messages with workflows

For marketing messages, sales messages and customer support, follow-up messages are crucial to ensure customer engagement. Typically, follow-ups are sent after a support query, appointment booking or at the post-purchase stage. Automating these follow-up messages can save businesses and teams effort and time. 

WhatsApp workflows

With the right WhatsApp API integration you can utilize workflows and easily automate WhatsApp messages with the same triggers and actions you are familiar with. This ensures that you never miss out on an opportunity to engage the customer.


Steps to integrate WhatsApp API with top CRMs

WhatsApp API integration with a CRM system will enable you to directly access and handle communications with a larger audience. Integrating WhatsApp with popular CRMs such as Zoho and Tally Prime can become much easier if you opt for a capable solution like Interakt.


Looking to integrate WhatsApp Business API with Zoho check how Interakt can help.

Zoho 1

WhatsApp integration with eCommerce platform

Your business might be present on multiple platforms, which, even when it’s a necessity, can overwhelm your business. If you are using an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce or Shopify you can easily integrate WhatsApp API using plugins provided by WhatsApp Business solution providers such as Interakt.


A WooCommerce WhatsApp integration or a Shopify WhatsApp integration enables you to send automated WhatsApp notifications ranging from COD double confirmations, shipment updates, abandoned cart alerts, delivery confirmations and much more, on behalf of your eCommerce store. Businesses can even create WhatsApp catalogs for their WooCommerce or Shopify stores and share them with customers.


Learn more about WhatsApp integration with an WooCommerce platform with Interakt’s step-by-step guide.


WhatsApp integration with Payment Gateway

Creating a complete and seamless shopping experience on WhatsApp is only possible if all parts of the journey fit into a perfect and closed loop. And ensuring an easy payment option for customers is paramount in achieving this.

You can do this by integration with WhatsApp Business Platform with popular payment gateways such as Razorpay or PayU. A Razorpay WhatsApp integration or a PayU integration removes the need to stretch out the purchase journey by redirecting customers to different payment gateways, which often results in abandoned carts.

WhatsApp API Integration With Razorpay

Connect your PayU account with Interakt for a complete and seamless customer experience.


WhatsApp integration with Business Management Software

A growing business needs logical, simpler and efficient ways to manage business data. By integrating business management software such as Google Sheets or Facebook lead forms with your WhatsApp Business platform with the help of Interakt, you can make the task of managing business data much more efficient and easier.

Google Sheets integration can also enable you to send automated WhatsApp notifications in bulk, directly from Google Sheets. Learn more about this here.

WhatsApp API Integration With Google Sheets

With FB Leads form integration enabled via Interakt, right after customers fill out the form, they will be automatically added to the Interakt database. This makes it easier for you to share automated  WhatsApp notifications with these leads. Here is how you can integrate Facebook Leads form with Interakt’s WhatsApp Business Platform.


With a simpler and more effective system in place, you gain the ability to make informed growth decisions that can positively impact your business.


Cementing better customer relationships is the only way to grow and for this, you need a centralized system that assists you to carry out communications in the best way. WhatsApp CRM integration, as we have seen, is a game changer for any business looking to improve customer interactions and streamline processes across departments.

And using a solution like Interakt can make the whole process of WhatsApp API integration much easier.