As businesses move to WhatsApp for communicating with their customers, the focus on making the conversation more efficient is becoming more prominent. 

With the ever-scaling conversations on WhatsApp, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of messages – which makes it even more important for businesses to automate campaigns on the WhatsApp Business platform. 


This is where a setup of WhatsApp chatbot can come in to help. 

What is A WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated assistant that can handle customer service interactions, lead generation, guiding customers through sales process, information retrieval, booking or scheduling appointments and much more on WhatsApp, in the stead of a human agent. 

A WhatsApp chatbot leverages technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to perform certain tasks or comprehend customer queries and respond to them relevantly on WhatsApp.

By deploying a WhatsApp Chatbot business can automate their customer communication, provide swift answers, speed up issue resolution and improve customer experiences significantly.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why WhatsApp chatbots are a must. 

3 Reasons You Need To Setup WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp itself is a highly capable and extremely popular channel with its own benefits, but a chatbot integration can instantly let you leverage the platform at scale without having to overburden your team. Some of the other major reasons for using WhatsApp bots for business are:

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1. Enhanced customer service

Customer service makes up a very crucial pillar of your business, and with WhatsApp Chatbot you can improve the efficiency of your customer service efforts. The WhatsApp chatbot can answer common queries that customers might have and quickly resolve simpler issues. When needed it can direct complex queries to your human agents seamlessly.

2. Increased efficiency and cost savings

WhatsApp chatbots are quick and efficient and will enable your business to streamline your operations. A chatbot removes the necessity of an army of human agents, saving you costs while improving ROI.

3. Personalized engagement

WhatsApp Chatbot can collect information on customers, their purchase behavior, interests and requirements based on interactions. This data can be further used to provide relevant and personalized interactions through the chatbot.

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WhatsApp Chatbot checklist before implementing [2024]

Before implementing a WhatsApp Chatbot to enhance your campaigns, here are a few things we recommend checking off: 

1. Define objectives

Start with clearly defined objectives for your WhatsApp Chatbot. To better implement the chatbot you need to decide whether the purpose is to improve customer support, improve sales, streamline operations or capture and nurture leads.

2. Understand your audience

By researching your target audience thoroughly, understand their pain points, interests, preferences and behaviors. This is important to craft a chatbot that can deliver to the customer’s expectations.

3. Choose the right chatbot platform

The chatbot platform of your choice should be reliable and competent. WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like Interakt are designed to allow scalability and support WhatsApp integrations. Such reliable platforms will also house diverse features at very reasonable prices.

4. Develop content and responses

Once you have anticipated and identified the common queries, create compelling responses that align with the brand’s personality and tone.

5. Integrate backend systems

If you have a backend system such as CRM, booking systems, inventory management systems etc. ensure that you integrate your WhatsApp chatbot with them for seamless task automation, data sharing and streamlining operations across departments.

6. Ensure security and compliance

Your chatbot should be compliant with the relevant privacy regulations and data protection guidelines such as GDPR. Make sure you protect customer data and privacy by having security measures in place.

7. Test thoroughly for bugs and issues

Your WhatsApp chatbot should be thoroughly checked and tested to identify any bugs, errors that might ruin the experience or disrupt seamless customer interactions. Remember to conduct both user tests and automated tests so that there are zero errors in the conversational flows.

8. Provide ongoing support and maintenance

Use customer feedback and performance metrics to improve the chatbot constantly. Have an ongoing maintenance and support plan for the chatbot to continually improve it.

3 ways to setup WhatsApp chatbot with Interakt

WhatsApp Business API bots can be used in different ways to aid your WhatsApp eCommerce efforts. Brands can setup WhatsApp chatbot for WhatsApp to deal with customer support, engage pre-purchase customers, automatically collect feedback and much more. 

Let us take a look at three Interakts’ best ways to setup and use WhatsApp chatbot:

1. Smart Ads and automated workflows

Interakt’s Smart Ads offers an easy way to create, manage and track Meta ads to reach more customers. Smart ads campaigns are also a great way of improving customer retention. Once you gain new leads using the ads, you can further qualify them and nurture them using automated workflows.

Learn how to set up smart Ads on Interakt.

2. Concierge

Interakt’s concierge feature, just as it sounds, can help you set up a WhatsApp business bot as a digital concierge that can proactively aid businesses in effectively managing their WhatsApp campaigns. Your ‘Concierge’ will nudge you with timely updates, provide insights into campaign performance, suggest relevant actions, and more. 

With Interakt’s concierge brands will now have the assistance and aid they need to stay on top of their campaigns. 

Learn how to set up concierge on Interakt.

3. AnswerBot

With Chat-GPT backing it up, Interakt’s AnswerBot is a seamless solution to answering routine customer queries efficiently. The AnswerBot can create FAQs based on a scan of your website within 15 minutes. 

Customers can engage with your brand now and get answers to simpler and common queries swiftly with an intelligent solution like AnswerBot in place.


Learn how to set up AnswerBot on Interakt.

2 ways to optimize the use of your WhatsApp Chatbot

Once you start using the WhatsApp chatbot, here’s how you keep improving their performance: 

1. Continuous improvement through Data Analysis 

Analyze chatbot and user interactions to recognize common queries, patterns and points that need to be improved. To continuously improve your chatbot you also need to utilize relevant metrics such as customer engagement, response time, Customer Satisfaction Scores, completion rates etc.

Your chatbot can be trained to improve based on each interaction with machine learning algorithms, which can further improve the precision and effectiveness of your chatbots. Customer feedback is also invaluable for improving your chatbots. By using surveys and feedback requests, understand customers’ expectations and finetune your responses and conversational flows to meet them.

2. Personalization and contextualization 

Use user data, such as past purchases, customer preferences, browsing history, and demographic details, to customize chatbot interactions and provide personalized recommendations. By understanding individual preferences, your WhatsApp chatbot can better tailor its responses and suggestions to accurately meet user needs.

Additionally, you can ensure that the chatbot comprehends conversation context by retaining session information and recalling previous interactions. This contextual awareness enables your chatbot to deliver more relevant and helpful responses. Also incorporate dynamic content to share personalized messages, promotions, and recommendations, and support multimedia content like images, videos, and documents to create more engaging user experiences.


Top 2 WhatsApp Chatbot use cases

Replicate their success for your business, check out how brands leverage Interakt Enterprise .

1. WhatsApp Chatbot in FinTech industry [PaisaBazaar]

As traditional marketing strategies are no longer sufficient in a competitive market. Learn how Paisabazaar partnered with Interakt to improve customer engagement by using AI enabled conversations on WhatsApp. This led to a 100% increase in conversion rates, with over 8 million users benefiting from WhatsApp notifications each month, showcasing the power of innovative communication methods.

Paisabazaar with WhatsApp Business API

2. WhatsApp Chatbot in Hotel & Restaurants [OYO]

OYO aimed at providing instant responses to guests on WhatsApp through their Guest Experience Managers. By integrating Interakt’s Customer Care Platform into their WhatsApp Business Account, they were able to handle multiple conversations and deliver swift responses and resolutions seamlessly.

OYO Key Use Cases 4


WhatsApp chatbot automation is crucial in today’s climate to handle diverse and scaling conversations effectively on the channel. As AI develops Chatbots and automated business conversations have to be brought up to date to stay in the game.

Understanding this, Interakt will be bringing in more AI-enabled features, additional chatbot capabilities and enhanced automation functions as we move forward. And with its already robust automation capabilities, it is the right solution for you to enhance your WhatsApp marketing to the next level.