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Interakt has recently updated its WhatsApp Business API pricing model to make it more affordable for businesses of all sizes. Known as the conversation-based pricing model (CBP), it is completely aligned with (and inclusive of) standard WhatsApp conversation charges. New businesses can take advantage of a 14-day free trial of Interakt’s platform without providing any credit card details. After the trial period ends, businesses can choose a subscription plan that suits their needs or contact Interakt for further assistance.

In this blog post, we will understand Interakt’s subscription plans, their benefits, WhatsApp conversation charges, their types, and more about the initial setup cost for a WhatsApp Business API platform. So, let’s start.

How does Interakt’s WhatsApp Business API pricing work?

Interakt’s WhatsApp Business API pricing structure is simple and transparent, comprising two components: the monthly or annual subscription charges and the WhatsApp conversation charges. 

1.  Monthly/Annual Subscription charges – based on the plan you choose for your business and are charged by Interakt.

2. WhatsApp Conversation charges – based on the conversations between businesses and users and are charged by WhatsApp itself. These conversations are of 2 types – BICs & UICs.

Please Note: The WhatsApp Conversation charges are country-specific and may vary depending upon the geolocation of your business. Refer to the table below for detailed country-wise charges:

WhatsApp Business API pricing country-wise

Now, let’s understand both of these pricing components in detail:

1. WhatsApp Business API Subscription Charges

Starter Plan:

For a monthly subscription charge of $15 per month, users get 1000 free user-initiated conversations per month. The Starter Plan includes features such as WhatsApp Commerce, Shared Team Inbox, Free API approval from Meta, Free integration with any one app, Automated Bulk Notifications, WhatsApp widget, Green Tick Verification, API Rate Limit up to 100 msgs/min, and more.

Growth Plan:

For a monthly subscription charge of $35 per month, users get 1000 free user-initiated conversations per month. The Growth Plan includes all the Starter Plan features plus free integration of up to 3 apps, Chat Automation, Conversation Analytics, API Rate Limit of up to 300 msgs/min, and more.

Advanced Plan:

For a monthly subscription charge of $45 per month, users get 1000 free user-initiated conversations per month. The Advanced Plan includes all the Growth Plan features plus unlimited external integrations, agent statistics, additional user segments, API Rate Limit up to 600 msgs/min, and more.

WhatsApp Business API pricing plans

Click here to understand all the benefits & features of our WhatsApp Business API pricing plans in detail.


What is Interakt’s Annual Subscription Plan?

The Annual Plan is a subscription model that enables customers to pay for a full year’s subscription in advance, instead of monthly payments. By choosing this option, customers can avail a flat 20% discount on their monthly charges, which can lead to significant savings over the course of the year.

For businesses that rely heavily on the WhatsApp Business Platform to connect with their customers, this can be a great way to save on costs while still being able to enjoy all the features and benefits of the platform. Whether it’s using the platform for customer support, sales, or marketing, the Annual Pricing Plan can help businesses keep their expenses under control while still maintaining a high level of engagement with their audience.

Moreover, opting for the Annual Pricing Plan means that customers do not have to worry about monthly payments and can instead focus on growing their business. With this subscription model, customers can make a one-time payment and then forget about it for the rest of the year, knowing that they are still able to access the platform’s features and capabilities. This can be a huge relief for businesses that prefer to plan their expenses ahead of time and want to avoid the hassle of monthly billing. Let’s have a look at Interakt’s annual plans & pricing structure:

WhatsApp Business API plans global


How will I be charged for the annual plans?

You will be charged for the annual subscription plan on a yearly basis, i.e., you will have to pay the lump sum amount just once every year. 

What’s the refund policy?

The Annual Plans are non-refundable. We charge a lump sum amount for the year and there is no refund for the same. 

Will I be able to change the plan in the middle?

Yes, you can switch to the Annual Plan whenever you want and vice versa. However, if you switch to the monthly plan then you’ll be required to pay the difference in the charges.

How to switch to Interakt’s Annual Pricing Plan?

Follow these steps to switch your Interakt monthly subscription to the new annual subscription plan:

-> Step 1: Go to Interakt Settings and click on Billing Details

-> Step 2: Click on Change Plan and Switch the button to Yearly

-> Step 3: Choose Your Plan and pay.

Once the payment is complete, your account will be automatically updated to the Annual Plan. The updated annual plan & pricing will be reflected at the end of your monthly billing cycle.


2. WhatsApp Conversation Charges: Why, What, How

Interakt’s WhatsApp Business platform subscription plans are uniform across businesses across all verticals. In line with the standard WhatsApp Based conversation charges, Interakt offers one of the most transparent and affordable Convo Pricing Models for all their existing and new clients on the platform.


What is a WhatsApp Conversation?

According to WhatsApp, a conversation is considered a set of all the messages exchanged between the business and the user, within a 24-hour period. When the first message is sent by the business, it is known as a business-initiated conversation (BIC). Similarly, when the first message is sent by the user, it is known as a user-initiated conversation(UIC). Let us understand with the help of an example:

Suppose that a business receives a message from the user on 15th August, 2:30 PM. As soon as the business replies back to the user, it is counted as a user-initiated conversation.

As per the new convo-pricing model, all messages are free for this specific user until the next 24 hours i.e. 16th August, 2:29 PM, and it will still be counted as one conversation.


How are WhatsApp Conversation charges calculated?

WhatsApp follows a conversation-based pricing model where the complete billing is calculated on the basis of no. of conversations you had with your customers. With any of Interakt’s monthly subscription plans, you always get 1000 free UICs every month. If the no. of conversations you have is above your free monthly limit of 1000 UICs, you will be charged as per the rates shown in the table above.

In simple words, you get charged only when you send a BIC from your end or receive more than 1000 UICs in a month.

N‍ote: Starting June 1st, 2023, as per Meta’s new conversation-based pricing changes, business-initiated conversations will no longer be included in the free tier. However, you will continue to receive 1,000 free user-initiated conversations per month (the 1000 free conversations will be at a WABA level).

Click here to see the new WhatsApp Conversation charges applicable from June 1st, 2023.


How is Interakt’s WhatsApp Business API final bill calculated?

According to the new conversational billing model, Interakt’s final billing structure will be the sum of your subscription plan charges and usage charges basis the number of conversations.

Final Bill Amount = Your  Monthly/Annual Subscription Charges + WhatsApp Conversation charges (BIC / UIC)

At Interakt, there is no minimum commitment period. If you wish to deactivate your Interakt account, you may inform us prior to your renewal and your request will be processed within one business day. The great thing is while calculating your usage bills, you don’t have to worry about paying 2 different charges. Your WhatsApp actuals are baked into the usage charges.

Wrapping up

Hope this article helped you understand Interakt’s WhatsApp Business API pricing model including Interakt’s monthly subscription plans, free UIC limit, and the complete cost of getting started with this platform.

However, for any new business, Interakt always offers a 14-day free trial of the platform where businesses can try and test the powerful WhatsApp marketing features, set up the auto checkout flow to increase conversions and enable an automated support experience for their customers.

For any other queries related to plans, pricing, billing, or setting Interakt up for you, simply send a “hi” to our team at [email protected], and we will be right there to help you out.

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