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9 Tips to Identify the Right WhatsApp Business Solution Provider for Your Business

9 Tips to Identify the Right WhatsApp Business Solution Provider for Your Business

Aakaansha Kavidayal

March 2, 2022

WhatsApp has become an industry standard for effective two way communication in the ecommerce industry today. Businesses of all sizes are leveraging the platform’s capabilities to connect with their customers and keep them engaged, driving much higher conversion rates on their campaigns as compared to all the other channels. 

But as they explore the different features of the WhatsApp Business API, brands are now on the lookout for solution providers that can help them weave those features into marketing strategies across the buyer’s journey. 

As of today, there are a number of WhatsApp Business solution providers available. But how do you make sure you’re choosing the right one? 

After surveying hundreds of online businesses, we found ten concrete parameters on which you should be choosing a WhatsApp Business solution provider

Things to Consider When Selecting WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

1. Wider integration options 

You need something that has a greater scope of serving your purposes than you are allowed to, using WhatsApp alone. What you need to look for is a partner that provides more integration options from web based GUI, API, On Premise Solutions etc. 

Handling multiple systems uses up more resources and it makes communication dissemination more difficult. This is why, for your business, integrating API with your existing systems like digital marketing tools becomes important. Hence you should be looking for solution providers that offer API on cloud. And more importantly, you should look for applications that help WhatsApp Business API to enable your legacy application with very little coding needed. 

At this stage, we also recommend probing if the solution provider is willing to build out custom integrations on demand. 

2. Experienced with new-age technologies 

Today marketers are able to provide effective and instant two-way communication for providing customer service and engaging their customers, with the help of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLA), Machine learning(ML) etc. 

In a world where customer support has evolved to take the seat of being an important factor in successful marketing, such tools give an edge to businesses. Look for partners that will provide solutions like the chat widget you’d require to initiate conversations and a CRM to manage the incoming queries in an efficient way across all departments; the idea is to get a complete solution for WhatsApp marketing campaigns

3. Automating business processes 

WhatsApp has made it possible for businesses to access a myriad of opportunities, resolve a wide range of issues, address requests and other processes, and do all these in a convenient digital platform that everyone is comfortable using. 

So your WhatsApp Business solution provider should equip you with tools that help you automate a number of business processes on the conversational channel. Be it for lead generation, marketing purposes, offering customer support or other functions, you shouldn’t have to move from one platform to another to set them up. 

4. Templates for automated responses

Customers on WhatsApp, prefer responses that are personalized and instant. But scaling a live agents team to respond to the ever increasing customer queries as you grow, can really eat into your resources and take the team away from handling crucial tasks that may require a more hands-on approach. 

This is where a good WhatsApp Business API solution provider comes in with ready-to-use templates. These templates can then be used in the automated process to respond to customers instantly, reducing the manual effort required by the team and at the same time, improving the customer experience delivered through the conversation. 

5. Seamless live agent hand-off 

Automated responses are great but not always. When the time comes nothing can be as effective as a hands-on human response. Some queries can be too complex for automated replies and a live agent is necessary to provide assistance in such cases. 

So having an integrated live agent chat app functionality can help you tactically hand over customer interactions to live agents in situations where automation becomes pointless. The critical human touch here is needed in cases where you will need to offer better assistance, reassurance or even to calm anxious customers. 

A good WhatsApp Business solution provider will give you the ability to define your workflows and hand-off scenarios for efficient resolution. 

6. Trained consulting and guidance resources 

The solution provider you choose should have a solid skilled team of people with expertise in the WhatsApp Business marketing arena. But in addition to the same, they shouldn’t restrict their knowledge to one-on-one conversations only. 

Instead, look for a WhatsApp Business solution provider who equips you with resources that you can learn from. From how-to guides, industry benchmark reports, case studies and more, take a good look at what’s available to you; but also make sure they’re written out in a detailed, in-depth manner. 

7. Round the clock support and monitoring 

Be it the first stage of setting up your WhatsApp Business profile, or approving templated messages, you are bound to have issues. 

Your service provided should be capable of assisting, monitoring and resolving these issues whenever needed with a reliable 24/7 availability. An inexperienced operator won’t be able to resolve critical issues that will definitely come up on your marketing journey and this might cost your business dearly if left haphazardly. 

To validate a provider’s promise, go through the reviews and testimonials they have received from existing customers around their support. 

8. Scalability and hosted infrastructure 

In order to globally integrate with the WhatsApp Business API, businesses need to invest on infrastructure capable of doing this. And businesses get dissuaded from getting onboard because of the responsibility of hosting, managing and scaling infrastructure in more than one region while volumes increase. 

Your partner should be able to provide a unique solution that is tailored for your company's needs while being flexible enough to handle spikes and scale as your business evolves and grows.

9. Offers cloud hosting

If you are operating in a rapidly growing market you will benefit from the easy scalability of the flexible infrastructure, which is hosted in the cloud market, and you should prefer this as an ecommerce business owing to the volatility of the market you’re catering to. This makes sure that you can easily scale your WhatsApp marketing efforts up and down based on what your ecommerce business needs at that moment. 

If you are looking for a solution provider that easily meets the criterias for a good technology partner, you don't have to search anymore. Interakt is an all in one WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that provides you with all the necessary tools to grow, engage and sell better. 

FAQs to know of before starting WhatsApp Business Marketing 

1. How much does WhatsApp Business API cost?

The WhatsApp Business API platform, unlike the WhatsApp Business app or the chat app, has something called conversation charges. To know how the WhatsApp Business pricing works, get a detailed breakdown here. 

2. What is BSP WhatsApp?

Business Solution Providers(BSPs) are a global community of third-party solution providers that are experts in the WhatsApp Business platforms. BSPs help in improved communication with customers, send personalized notifications, automate processes and much more.

3. What is the best WhatsApp API provider?

Interakt is an all-in-one Official WhatsApp Business API Solution provider that brings together all the WhatsApp tools into a single platform. It lets you automate notifications, send bulk campaigns, share catalogs, monitor campaign analytics, and much more.

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