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WhatsApp Business API for Restaurants: Benefits and Use Cases

WhatsApp for business helps the restaurants to gather the customer data, provide better communication over messages and also helps to manage multiple deliveries effectively resulting in serving the customers seamlessly.
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Benefits of WhatsApp Business API for Real Estate

Right from sharing engaging content to providing good customer support WhatsApp Business API is a best solution for real estate business to improve sales.
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Using WhatsApp Business API for NGO to Scale their Impact

WhatsApp Business API uses and Uses cases for NGO to scale up their impact and also to improve their engagement, explained by Interakt
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WhatsApp for Business in Education: How Edtech Companies can Benefit from WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API can help edutech to form a better communication with teachers and students along with equipping students to learn through various media selected by teachers. Interakt explains how.
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WhatsApp CRM: What is WhatsApp CRM and what you should do with it

With WhatsApp CRM you can take control of your WhatsApp sales, communicate faster and manage your team to improve your sales.
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Abandoned Shopify Cart Recovery Using WhatsApp Business Automated Notification Setup

Use Interakt’s WhatsApp Business API to set up automated notifications for abandoned shopify cart & boost sales by cart recovery.
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WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Business: Why use WhatsApp Business API?

Facebook Business Vs WhatsApp Business API: All you need to know about the differences between both.
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How to Get Opt-Ins for WhatsApp Business from your customers

Interakt helps you to get Opt-Ins for WhatsApp Business from your customers, acknowledging interest in a product or service.
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Difference between WhatsApp Broadcast Vs. WhatsApp Group | Interakt

Know the difference between WhatsApp Broadcast Vs. WhatsApp Group & how Interakt helps businesses in managing both types of conversations.
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CRM Integration with WhatsApp Business API: 5 Benefits | Interakt

Integrating your WhatsApp Business API account with a WhatsApp Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows instances to leverage information already contained in your CRM & have better customer conversations.
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